Working from home as a freelance writer, I am sometimes limited in the amount of contact that I get with like-minded individuals and that’s why attending dot com pho is so important. We network, we converse, and we make some pretty crazy videos. Giving a little back to the dot com community, today’s What’s Up Wednesday post is dedicated to the dot com crew.

When Stephen Fung first got his scooter earlier in the summer, we laughed at how ridiculous he looked on that thing. With rising gas prices, though, his wallet certainly had the last laugh. Well, Stephen feels the need for speed and is now considering an upgrade to a motorcycle. Last I heard (via Twitter no less), the purchase is complete and it’s a big red scooter.

Don’t be deceived by Tyler Ingram‘s kindly demeanor, because this guy wears Lululemon! Yowza! He is also taking his hobby a little more seriously with the launch of his own digital photography site. If they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, then this new photog site is one epic novel. Epic, I say.

This might sound terribly confusing, but it turns out that Gary Jones from BlueFur is actually quite green. No, I don’t mean that he has suddenly transformed into the jolly green giant. Instead, he is proud that BlueFur web hosting is green and friendly to the environment. One more reason to choose BlueFur. (Get 10% off with ‘ilovepandas’ coupon code.)

While he spends the vast majority of his time slacking off at London Drugs and proclaiming that he is awesome, Ed Lau actually has intelligent and insightful things to say from time to time. You know, like reminding you why you shouldn’t vote. He’s not alone in this sentiment either, as a whole whack of Hollywood celebrities agree. Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end.

He may market himself as the root of all evil and he can blurt out some rather uncouth comments, but John Chow is still dedicated to helping his fellow man. As charitable as ever, John has agreed to match every dollar donated to Union Gospel Mission this Thanksgiving up to $1000 per donor. October 13th is the deadline. The last time John did this, he donated over $5000.