In its humble beginnings, Dot Com Pho was just a modest gathering of a few local Internet entrepreneurs. No one really knew about it other than those who attended, but Dot Com Pho has quickly grown to become some kind of online phenomenon. We’ve traveled to Taipei, encountered some different food, and even gotten together for a rousing session of Rock Band.

For this week’s edition of Dot Com Pho, we find that many of the regulars are not at the same physical location. John Chow is over in Toronto, organizing his own little gathering with a bunch of Dot Com Pho virgins. Stephen Fung, Ed Lau, and Ray are back in Vancouver hosting a pho session at one of the original Dot Com Pho locations before Dot Com Pho ever really existed. And I am in Edmonton with Jason Landals trying to find everyone else.

The net result is the amazing quality of telecommuting. When you own your own online business, whether it be a freelance writing business or a tech review site, there are certain freedoms that are awarded to you. As a result, you are not bound to a single location.

With this in mind, I present Dot Com Pho: Telecommuting Edition to you. Three Canadian cities. One great bowl of Vietnamese noodles.