Around the southern end of Main Street in Vancouver, you’ll come across the Punjabi Market. Around the northern end of Main Street, you’ll be surrounded by Chinatown. In the middle, stretching from Mount Pleasant to the Queen Elizabeth Park area, is a neighborhood that is getting increasingly trendy. You’ll find all sorts of interesting eateries, like Burgoo, as well as a never-ending supply of coffee shops.

If you’re the kind of person who is addicted to caffeine, then this is a fantastic neighborhood for you. There is literally a latte and cappuccino shop on just about every corner.It would be impossible for me to highlight each and every one, so I thought I’d start with the southern end of Mount Pleasant.

Here are a few places that you might want to check out if you’re looking for something a little better than fast food coffee. I hear that the iced coffee at McDonald’s is pretty bad.

Coffee on Main Street - Bean Around the World

Bean Around the World (website)
3598 Main Street, 604-875-9199

This place has some of the better drip coffee in town. There are a few scant outdoor chairs and tables for those of you who enjoy drinking their coffee while soaking in a little sun. It’s located sort of half-way between the two busier parts of Main Street, so there aren’t as many people-watching opportunities other than the folks coming to Bean Around the World to share a cuppa joe with you.

Coffee on Main Street - The Grind

The Grind and Gallery
4124 Main Street, 604-874-1588

A perennial student hangout, The Grind is one of the few coffee houses this stretch of Main Street that is open all around the clock. The only other 24 hour coffee shop that I know about on Main is Waves, but that’s closer to Main and Broadway. The Grind has decent coffee and an assortment of pastries, but easily its biggest appeal are the long hours. Perfect for studying and the student camaraderie may help you increase brainpower and improve memory.

Coffee on Main Street - Salt Spring Coffee

Salt Spring Coffee (website)

4295 Main Street, 604-875-9727

One of the greatest ways to avoid burnout as a work-at-home professional is to partake in a change of scenery. Salt Spring is distinctly West Coast Canadian and they even refer to an Americano as a Canadiano. In fact, that’s the drink that you see at the top of this post: an iced Canadiano with a shot of vanilla and a splash of milk. If you’re into the organic stuff, they’ve got you covered as well (the micro roaster is located on Salt Spring Island). And yes, there is free Wi-Fi.

Coffee on Main Street - Re-Entry

Re-Entry Espresso (website)
4363 Main Street, 604-872-0844

As its name implies, Re-Entry does not serve any drip coffee whatsoever. They only do espresso-based drinks, so come here for your fill of lattes, mochas, and macchiatos. It’s not the biggest place in the world, but the booths are comfortable and the staff are among the friendliest I’ve encountered. You’ve got to try some of their fresh-baked cookies if you happen to catch them coming out of the oven too. Free Wi-Fi makes this a great place to temporarily relocate your office in the middle of the day.