It’s time once again for another weekly roundup of excellent blog posts. Instead of just gathering together a random smattering of material, I decided to go for another theme (like how I did last week) for today’s What’s Up Wednesdays. The theme of today’s collection is success… even if it’s accidental.

Darren Barefoot noticed a phenomenon that is sweeping across the interwebz. In the rise of fail, Darren explores the origins and meaning of “fail” and “epic fail”, as well as its positive counterpart: “FTW”.

Harrison McLeod (“Harry”) from Men with Pens sees himself as a real writer, as a real author. Even so, there are a lot of people out there who do not view bloggers and freelance writers as “real” authors, because just about any hack with a self-publishing program can pump out a book and have it sold on Amazon. Such is the paradox of desktop publishing. What’s “real” anymore?

Neil Patel of Quick Sprout is an Internet marketing consultant who has managed to do very well for himself. Possibly speaking from his own experience, Neil can now tell you 10 reasons why you are not a successful entrepreneur. Are you being versatile? Do you love what you do?

Sharon Hurley Hall of Get Paid to Write Online knows that freelance income can fluctuate substantially from month to month. While you may have been able to “splurge” on pay day at a regular job, this rewarding practice seems to be lost on freelancers. When last did you pay yourself? Entrepreneurs need to reward themselves sometimes too, you know.

Michael Martine knows that it’s far too easy to make some rather nasty mistakes online, so that’s why he wants to teach you how to ask for Diggs and actually get them. Remember kids, spam is bad and personal is good. Michael’s tips apply to all social bookmarking sites, of course, and not just Digg.