The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Dot Com Pho is tomorrow. Oh, and there’s that whole business about a touchscreen phone and free slushy drinks today, but those are all secondary to a great bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup, right?

As Stephen Fung mentioned on his blog, tomorrow’s Dot Com Pho will be located at Pho Thai Hoa in Vancouver. It’s located along the north side of Kingsway near King Edward. If you know where the Rona and Famous Foods are, then you’re in the right neighborhood. It’s right on the corner of Kingsway and Perry.

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Anyone is welcome, but do let us know ahead of time if you are coming. The best thing you can do is send a “tweet” to stephen_fung, because he has that mobile update thing going on. You can also use Twitter to contact me as well, but I don’t have that mobile update thing. Alternatively, leave a comment on either of our blogs.

We’re gunning to arrive at around 12:30pm. Because it’s a new location for Dot Com Pho and the owners of the place aren’t terribly familiar with us, it may be in our best interest to show up on time (or early) to make sure we have enough seats. I vaguely recall there being some larger round tables there with lazy Susans, but I’m not 100% sure.

See you tomorrow! You’re not Internet famous until you’ve appeared on Dot Com Pho.