Prizes for PhotoShop contest

It’s time once again for a fantastic contest from Beyond the Rhetoric. In the past, I’ve given away everything from cool computer games to personalized iPod skins. For this contest, the prize has gotten a little bigger. Or perhaps it’s better to say prizes.

What Can I Win?

A big box of stuff! More specifically, the box will contain a variety of things that I collected from Computex and from the Vancouver International Game Summit. You see the prizes above. Some of the items that you can win include:

  • Shuttle premium pen and diary set
  • Slant Six Games t-shirt
  • Crossbox USB PC-to-PC data transfer solution
  • Thermaltake magnetic business card holder
  • MSI ionic sports watch
  • Solar charger with USB and AAA output
  • Dice-shaped salt and pepper shakers
  • And more!

There may be a few extras thrown in between now and the end of the contest as well

How Do I Enter?

You may recall that I mentioned the possibility of this contest when I was still in Taipei. When I did, I said that you would have to exercise a certain level of creativity in order to win.

PhotoShop Contest

What you see above is are a couple of photos I took during the Gigabyte party at Computex 2008. Shortly after I took the pictures, the rest of the dot com pho crew decided that it could be perfect fodder for PhotoShop. This is where you come in.

1. Edit the above party picture(s) as you see fit. (You can click on them to get higher resolution versions.) Add, remove, distort, supply captions… do whatever it takes to make for a funny picture. I wonder what John Chow could be holding.

2. Post your funny creation on your blog, linking back to this contest post and the Beyond the Rhetoric homepage. You can use whatever anchor text you want.

But I don’t have a blog!

If you don’t have a blog, you can still participate. Post your picture on Flickr and include the URLs to this post and Beyond the Rhetoric in the description. Whether you opt for the blog or Flickr route, it is probably best to send a trackback or leave a comment in this post to make sure that I know you entered.

Everyone who is reachable by standard postal services is welcome to enter the contest. Whether you live in Portugal, Singapore, or Vancouver, you are eligible.

Who Will Choose the Winner?

I will act as the final judge for this contest. Whichever entry that I think is the funniest or most creative will be the winner. That said, I am open to any (unbiased) feedback as well. As such, I may post a weekly update linking to the entries received in the previous week.

When is the Entry Deadline?

The contest runs until the end of this month. Be sure to send a trackback or leave a comment in this post before 11:59pm PST on July 31st to be eligible.

Good luck! I look forward to seeing your creations.