2009 Nissan GT-R

I had the opportunity to check out the 2009 Nissan GT-R when I was in Tokyo late last year and then I had another look at it when it rolled into town as part of the 2008 Vancouver International Auto Show. There is no denying that the Nissan GT-R is an absolute beast of a car and if it wasn’t already receiving enough positive attention already, the Japanese supercar has now earned the approval of resident car guy Jay Leno.

As you may have heard, there were rumors swirling that Top Gear could be coming to the United States and Jay Leno could serve as the host. Seeing how Leno is stepping down as the host of the Tonight Show soon to make way for Conan O’Brien, it could almost make sense. However, the man with the giant chin has already officially turned down the offer. The closest thing to a Leno-hosted Top Gear is Jay Leno’s Garage, as evidenced by the clip below.

The electronics in the Nissan GT-R are absolutely amazing, providing a customized display based on the driver’s preferences, showing virtual pods for oil temperature, boost, oil pressure, and 14 other metrics. The multi-information display was developed by the same people that brought us the PlayStation and Gran Turismo. Power for the GT-R comes from a 3.8L twin-turbocharged (and twin intercooled) DOHC V6 engine, developing 473 horsepower and 430 lbs-ft of torque. The 0-60mph time is just 3.5 seconds and, according to Jay, “it just pulls.”

Enjoy. American prices start at about $70,000 for the base model, whereas the Canadian version starts at about $80,000.