top commentators - march 2008

I hope you all enjoyed my April Fool’s Day post yesterday. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have not been hired by the New York Times (yet). Anyways, let’s have a look at who topped the commentators list for March 2008 on this blog. This list really demonstrates the power of the Internet, because this blog gets comments from all around the world.

Jorge led the pack in March with more than double the number of comments of his closest competitor. He has to be one of the most dedicated Beyond the Rhetoric readers on the planet. And I do mean planet, because Jorge hails from Portugal, a place where people play human flutes for some reason. Oh, those crazy Europeans!

Coming in at second place is Derek Semmler of the United States. He responded to my April Fool’s post with a clever April Fool’s comment. Derek is really taking his blogging to a new level, because he is attending his first blogging conference later this year. Congrats!

Keeping with the international theme, we have betshopboy from Singapore at third place. He hasn’t been around as much as he has before, but I’m glad that he’s back. Then again, it looks like he’s going to be distracted the next little while anyways. The Wii is an evil time-wasting machine.

The person who landed in fourth place, Etienne Teo, is also from the nation of Singapore. Imagine that, two Singaporeans in the top five! This week, Etienne had a great post on Google AdSense, dissecting some of the restrictions and regulations that the big G has laid down upon all us lowly publishers.

The lone Canadian in the bunch is Stephen Fung. He also happens to live a very short drive away from my house. Stephen recently upgraded his blog to WordPress 2.5, telling us why he hearts it so very muchie. I’m personally not a fan of the new look, but the lightbox-style image management thing is cool.

Thanks again to all the top commentators for the month of March.