You might remember my review of Be Kind Rewind earlier this month. In that movie, the characters played by Mos Def and Jack Black throw together “Sweded” versions of popular movies, including Rush Hour, Robocop, and Driving Miss Daisy. The film, although not the best in the world, has developed somewhat of a cult following.

As a result, YouTube is getting flooded with all sorts of amateur takes on “Sweded” movies, all of which have been inspired by Be Kind Rewind. I found a couple that did 300 or Lord of the Rings, but this one with Jurassic Park has to be one of the best. The fake dinosaurs are pretty awesome and I think it’s strangely funny that they just used regular people to depict the velociraptors. Naturally, you’ll need to have watched the original (real) Jurassic Park movie to get some of the gags.

I wonder if I could convince some people from dot com pho to get together so we can “Swede” a movie. I know that Ed Lau would be up for anything that had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, just so that he blurt out quotes like “Get in the choppa!”, “Get down!”, and “Come with me if you want to live.” Come to think of it, I think Ed would have way more fun doing a Sweded version of The Fast and the Furious.

“Nooooooo….. Monica!!!!!!!!”

Then again, dot com Aliens vs. Predator would be a little ironic, seeing how Leo Chiang was actually in the real movie!