I’ve been feeling a little under the weather these past few days, but it’s pretty hard for me to take a sick day. As much as I try to reduce my workload during this time, it’s inevitable that I have one last push at the end of the month to try to increase my income. I guess it’s a good thing that I work from home, because if I need to take a break for some apple juice, I can do that.

Anyways, seeing how it’s Wednesday, let’s get over that mid-week hump with some great freelance-geared posts from the blogosphere. Oh, and one post that has nothing to do with freelancing, but could prove to be one of the most awesome resources ever created on the Internet.

Kirsten Fischer from Freelance Switch had the opportunity to chat with The Anti 9-to-5 Guide author Michelle Goodman. In the interview, they discuss how to go about leaving the conventional job behind, what Michelle loves the most about writing and teaching, and what burned out freelancers should do to rev up their motivation.

Scott Young reminds us that when we set a goal, we should also consider the exit strategy. I’ve said before that goals are the bane of my existence, because I keep setting the bar higher and higher. At what point can you say you’re done? That’s why you need an exit strategy.

I find it somewhat ironic that Kathryn Vercillo thinks that typos don’t really matter, because she happens to be a professional writer. The most important thing is getting your point across in the clearest manner possible, but you have to remember the difference between a typo and an outright error. John Chow’s blog is full of errors, not typos. 🙂

Jennifer Mattern of All Freelance Writing recognizes both sides of the freelance coin. When you don’t have any work on your plate, you get stressed out about not being able to paying the bills. When you have too much work to do, you get stressed out about not being able to handle it. Don’t worry. Jennifer has some strategies to help you overcome freelance stress. I’ve never tried burning pine needles. That just seems weird to me.

Last but certainly not least, we have Darren Barefoot. The one thing you can say about Darren is that when he sets his mind to something, he gets it done. His latest accomplishment is the geo-locating of all Canucks pay-per-view bars and restaurants in Google Maps. This could prove to be the greatest resource for Vancouver Canucks fans ever!