And so the first month of 2008 has come and gone, so let’s have a look at the fine folks who have made their way through Beyond the Rhetoric way. It’s largely because of the great comments and discussion brought on by BTR visitors that I continue to do what I do, so it’s only fitting that I thank those who contributed the most.

Coming out on top for January 2008 is Jorge from 2magicminds.com. He’s been an active participant in the BTR community, being the first to blog about my video game contest as well as being the first to identify Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin in this post about ambition and greed. Thanks Jorge!

Leo had the second-most comments for January. Although he promised to spit in my pho on more than one occasion, he has yet to accomplish this feat.

In third place is our good friend Matt, a guy who’s always more than happy to help me with my coding concerns, including the removal of malicious code.

Fourth and fifth go to Stephen and Futon-Matt, respectively. The former wants to has cheeseburgers, whereas the latter is more interested in a good night’s sleep (I think).

Thanks again! If you want to be featured in an upcoming post like this, you might want get started on your comments for February. Just don’t be like these guys.