It’s Wednesday again. To help all of you (and me) get over that mid-week hump, it’s time to go for a brief spin around in the blogosphere to see what’s going on this week. One of the bigger tidbits serves as the inspiration for the title of this post and it is the last entry mentioned here. It just goes to show you that providing some free link love to me can result in some free link love back to you! It’s all about karma baby.

Jennifer Mattern is a freelance writer like me and she recently had the opportunity to interview a WAHM freelance writer, giving us a glimpse into the critical life-work balance that is needed for that kind of lifestyle. Make no mistake, the life of a work-at-home mom is far from easy!

Optempo pits two of the most popular blogging platforms up against one another, going through all the different aspects that may sway you one way or another. I think it’s obvious enough from my end which I prefer for niche blog hosting: WordPress or Blogger. If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, you need WordPress.

Vandelay Design writes an article that is particularly timely for me, because it addresses 21 factors to consider before a redesign. I’m thinking of a new layout for both my freelance writing site and Beyond the Rhetoric, so I’ll be sure to keep these factors in mind.

Ed Lau is one of my buddies from dot com pho, but he does manage to eat food other than Vietnamese rice noodles from time to time. For example, he recently munched on some Taiwanese beef noodles with the root of all evil. That’s one tall glass you’ve got, Ed.

Contest Blogger‘s Phil Van Treuren has launched another site! It has the same philosophy as Contest Blogger, except it highlights the advertising options. As such, Phil has called his latest creation Advertising Blogger. And get this, Beyond the Rhetoric is one of the first sites featured! Thanks for the free press, Phil!