30 days of night

30 Days of Night doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the horror and monster movie genre. When you read the basic plot summary to this vampire movie, it sounds like just about every other blood-sucking flick before it. The setting is a little more original, but you can probably guess how most of the action goes.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because you’re not looking for Oscar material when you watch 30 Days of Night. You want to be creeped out. You want to be spooked. You want to be surrounded by a very eerie environment and in this respect, 30 Days of Night delivers.

30 days of night

My favorite scene can be seen in the main trailer. A girl is begging for her life and she says, “God… oh God!” The primary vampire then says “God?”, looks up to the sky, and then looks back at the girl to say, “No God.” The whole group of vampires then proceed to feast on the girl. Great stuff.

30 Days of Night is far from original and I’m not a fan of Josh Hartnett, but there is enough entertainment value here to keep you captivated for the length of the movie. It does get off to a rather slow start and I would have preferred if the vampires arrived earlier than they did. The early interactions between the townspeople are quite boring, but when the action picks up, the mood is quite good.

30 days of night - josh hartnett

If you’re looking for a mildly new twist on the vampire genre, check out 30 Days of Night. I wouldn’t say that I highly recommend it, but if you’ve got a couple hours to waste, wasting it on this flick isn’t a bad idea.

3.5 Stars Out of 5