As I mentioned some time back, I’m currently on vacation overseas in Asia, but before leaving, I prepared by time-stamping some posts on this blog, ensuring that there won’t be any dead air in my absence. That said, seeing how I have Internet access in my Tokyo hotel room, I figured that I share some of the highlights from my trip with all of you.

Naturally, holidays are great when you visit exotic locations that you’ve never seen before, soaking in new cultures and trying to overcome intriguing language barriers — negotiating in Japanese isn’t exactly a strong point for me — but before making it over to the land of the rising sun, I had to endure a 10 hour trans-Pacific flight with Japan Airlines. I thought that it was going to be pretty brutal, having experienced a flight to Hong Kong once before. I prepared by bringing a couple books and my laptop, but it turns out that JAL has you covered for entertainment. They’ve certainly gone a lot further than other flights that I have taken, but this is my first overseas flight in over 10 years… I wonder if other planes do this.

In the video below, you’ll see a brief overview of the on-board entertainment system with JAL. Surprisingly, the somewhat dated video games included with every seat on the plane were enough to temporarily displace my Nintendo DS. Outside of a mock Tetris, a cloned Breakout, and a strangely-designed version of Mahjong and Shanghai, you’ll also find a number of movies, a variety of music channels, a pair of cameras pointing out the front and bottom of the plane, and real-time flight information.

Look for more “ethnic” or “foreign” videos in the coming days.