It might be because of the changing weather, but I’ve found myself suffering through a severe lack of energy lately. It’s harder than ever to get myself out of bed in the morning, even though I’m fully aware that I have a full slate of freelance writing work waiting for me downstairs. Maybe I’ve got a case of the wintertime blues or something. One thing that always gives me a brief burst of energy and motivation, however, is when I read up on other bloggers’ lives, finding out what’s keeping them busy these days.

With that, let’s have a look at what’s up this Wednesday, November 14th.

Shaun Low suffers through writer’s block, just like the rest of us, but he has found some helpful strategies that’ll help you in your quest to get past blogger’s block. Most of his suggestions don’t refer to when you have a brilliant idea for a post, but can’t express it properly. Instead, the “blogger’s block” that Shaun talks about has more to do with finding appropriate topics to write about in the first place.

Ed Lau discusses a current promotion where you give a laptop and get a laptop. The OLPC project was originally designed to put a laptop in the hands of every child, particularly those in developing countries. Under this promotion, which lasts until the 26th of this month, you can donate $399 to the cause. In exchange, a $200 OLPC gets shipped to a developing country and another OLPC gets sent to you. You also get a $200 tax receipt for income tax purposes.

Derrich has been working on the launch of his sports bar in San Antonio for some time now, so imagine how proud he was when RETOX Bar finally opened. He has a few pictures from RETOX, not only of the decor, but also of some hot friends that Derrich has made along the way. Two kinds of eye candy!

Erik Karey asks if your day job is ruining your motivation. After spending a full day at a regular 9-to-5 job, Erik has a hard time finding motivation when he gets home to work on his blog and other Internet-based ventures. He does offer five tips to help recharge those batteries, so be sure to give them a read if you’re in a similar situation.

Nate Whitehill was one of the many attendees at the recent Blog World Expo, offering a review of the blogging event where all the pros met up to share their expertise on SEO, blog monetization, and unique blog design. Nate’s review is pretty comprehensive, complete with pictures and an embedded trailer for Blogging the Move.