I’m still feeling a little under the weather, but I think my bronchitis is starting to clear up a bit, thanks to the powerful antibiotics that my doctor prescribed. Normally I have two posts a day during the week on Beyond the Rhetoric, but my brain isn’t quite back up to 100% just yet. The posting schedule is a little off too and that’s because I’ve been doing more live-blogging, instead of making use of the time stamp.

Seeing how today is Wednesday, I got myself a bit of a break, because I’m turning to the rest of the blogosphere to see what they’re chatting about. Presumably, most of them aren’t sick, but they just might be zombies….

Fellow freelance writer Chris Bibey is doing a series of posts on copywriting this week. One of the concerns for some people considering a career in freelance writing is the unpredictability of income. To give you a better sense of how much you can earn as a freelance copywriter, Chris describes how much he charges for copywriting. Rates will vary according to experience and skill, of course, so don’t expect to make as much as Mr. Bibey right from the get-go. You’ve got to build up your portfolio first.

Dot com pho buddy Greg Morgan is proudly showing off the new theme he’s rocking at Big Cock Marketing. He doesn’t post every day on that blog, but when he does, it’s always a worthwhile post. For example, he recently provided a guide to help you become the boss of Digg. We all know how valuable a big Digg can be for your blog, but how do you get on the front page? Greg and his Big Cock Marketing methods show you the way.

Following a similar line of thought, Etienne Teo is dishing out techniques on linkbait. The art of linkbait is a delicate one, but Etienne’s seven possible strategies will definitely point you in the right direction. People like top 10 lists, for example, but for linkbait that is a little more evergreen, you may want to provide something more useful, like a valuable WordPress plug-in or some sort of tutorial guide.

Self-proclaimed technologist Darren Barefoot is feeling a little awkward around Microsoft booth babes. There’s nothing particularly strange about the babes that Microsoft has hired, but Darren suspects that he’s getting old. Checking out these young women, Darren feels that they “look about twelve years old.” Is Bill Gates appealing to pedophiles?

You’re probably wondering about the zombie reference near the beginning, right? Well, Halloween is right around the corner and we all know that this is the prime time for the undead to walk the Earth and consume our brains. In a hilarious paper-based video, Common Craft describes zombies in plain English. This not only includes how to recognize zombies, but also the most effective methods for defeating them. Ed Lau would be proud.