Like so many other blogs on the Internet, Beyond the Rhetoric is powered by WordPress. It just seems like one of the best and most powerful (free) blogging platforms available, so it comes as little surprise that so many people use it. Well, back in May, I wrote about the power of the time stamp, which allows you to write something today, but schedule it to go live at a later time.

For example, this post was actually written around dinnertime on Saturday, but by the time it goes live, I’ll be in Seattle watching the Seahawks take on the St. Louis Rams. (I landed myself some free tickets, including transportation from Vancouver.) I also made extensive use of the time stamp feature when I went on a short cruise through the Mexican Riviera, because I wouldn’t have Internet access during that time. Just before I left on that trip, I time stamped a post for each of those five days. This way, the blog would continue to be updated and readers wouldn’t notice an interruption in service. So to speak.

Most of the things I write about here aren’t exactly time-sensitive. I’ve got hypnotized rabbits, cures for writer’s block, and movie reviews. Whether these posts went live at the time I wrote them or several hours later, the reader experience would be much the same.

This is obviously different than tech blogs like Mobile Magazine where time is of the essence. What’s news today isn’t news tomorrow. I have to stay on top of things, like the announcement of the Zune 2, the revealing of the iPhone, and sneak peeks at concept cars, for example. With Beyond the Rhetoric, this just isn’t the case.

Here, I typically put up two posts a day during the week and one post a day over the weekend. This brings the total weekly post-count to about 12, and as many as 10 of those are time-stamped. The rationale is that I want the posting times to be reasonably spread out. It’s better to have some consistent separation than to have three posts blasted out, only to be followed by 36 hours of “dead air.”

I don’t do much live blogging anymore. What about you? Do you make extensive use of the time stamp feature like I do, or do you actually set your posts to go live the moment you’re finished writing them?