I just got a message in my email box informing me that the Million Euro Wiki is up for sale. No, not a single page. What is up for sale is the entire MEW site. All the individual page owners will still retain full rights over their individual pages, but the “business” of the Million Euro Wiki is apparently on the auction block.

What made the message strange was that I got the “reply” from someone else rather than the original message from John Cow, the guy behind the Million Euro Wiki. This makes me question the legitimacy of the message and it also makes me wonder if the $30 affiliate program is still in place. I just bought my blog page on there not so long ago, so I have yet to receive any affiliate income from people using my $10 off coupon code: MichaelKwan.

In a nutshell, the site is up for private auction with bids starting at $100 and going up in $25 increments. The email I received was from trafficfarmers.com, which put in the first bid of $100. If you own a Million Euro Wiki page, have you received this email as well? If John Cow is reading this, I’d like for him to confirm whether this is for real. The full email message follows.


You are receiving this email because you are currently an owner of a page on the Million Euro Wiki project.

The site is going to be sold. Because of unforeseen circumstances in our personal life, we currently don’t have the time and bandwidth to manage MEW. Because this project has great potential, we’ve decided to get someone in the community to take over. You as a page owner are obviously aware of what the wiki can do for everyone in the right hands, otherwise you would not have purchased a page in the first place.

Because we’re not in it for the profit, we’ve decided to make it a private auction for you guys in the first place. Starting bid is the same price you’d pay for 1 page –$100. With minimum increments of $25. This includes the entire site as you can see it now, with all the customized code and design. Also the forum setup and blog attached to the site will be included. We’ll be happy to host for free until you get you own hosting sorted.

We’ve included the rest of the million euro wiki page owners on CC and ask you to reply to all with your bid so we can all see what the highest bid is.

We hope you understand that this wasn’t an easy decision to make as we’re really excited about MEW and it’s potential. It just needs more attention than we can give it right now.

Kind regards,

www.millioneurowiki.com support staff.

UPDATE (OCT 9, 2007)
I just received an email from Bob Jones, owner of the Million Euro Wiki, saying that the site has been sold:

We have some great news for everyone that was worried in the last few hours. We’ve found the perfect candidates to continue with the site. I just spoke over the phone with Paul Hartrick and Neal Duckett, both part of the MEW community, and they have convinced me that they are genuinely interested and motivated to take MEW to the next level.

I then received an email from Paul and Neil, introducing themselves:

Hi All,

Thanks for the introduction Bob. After an interesting day for all of us waking up to a series of emails from around the globe, we’re very pleased to have come to an agreement with Bob to take over the Million Euro Wiki effective immediately and accelerate it’s exposure over the coming weeks, build the community and ensure each and every page holder reaps the benefits.

As Bob pointed out we believe coming into this as a team we are able to devote the necessary time it deserves from a workload and a creative marketing approach to make it a success.

Over the coming days we will be finalising a seemless transition from Bob to Paul and myself and we will keep you informed at every milestone. We are experienced in the Wiki system having cut our teeth on the MDW.

We’re looking forward to exciting times ahead!

Best regards.

Neil Duckett and Paul Hartrick

So, the Million Euro Wiki is still alive and kicking. The affiliate program and coupon codes are still fully active, so if you’re interested in purchasing a page, please use MichaelKwan as your coupon code to get $10 off.