New Vancouver Canucks Jersey

After months of speculation and random rumors floating about on the interwebs, the Vancouver Canucks unveiled their new jersey about a half hour ago at GM Place.

They’re keeping the same color scheme as the vintage jersey they used last year, but the upward-turned hockey stick has been replaced by a slightly re-styled “birthing orca” that is mostly black and white. The word “Vancouver” is emblazoned across the collarbone of the new NHL jersey.

I personally don’t like it. The vintage color scheme looks great, but the juxtaposition with the more “modern” orca logo just doesn’t look right. It doesn’t mesh very well and the “Vancouver” across the chest is absolutely hideous. As a whole, the new Vancouver Canucks jersey looks amatuer-ish and cheap. It’s like it’s for the minors or a children’s league, or something. If they wanted to keep the vintage color scheme — which was a good idea — they should have ditched the fat whale.

new canucks jersey with luongo

What’s your take? Do you like it? Hate it? Indifferent?

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UPDATE: The Canucks website has just been updated with the new team colors. There’s a lot of blue, green, and white.

UPDATE 2: Here’s what the away version (white) looks like:

new vancouver canucks jersey in white

UPDATE 3: The Canucks — official statement here — have posted up some official hi-res photos. One, Two, and Three.