To any local folks in the audience, I’d like to first wish you a happy BC day. I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend, because being the freelance writer that I am, I typically don’t get to take statutory holidays off. This is what I get for working with both Canadian and American companies… I get snubbed on both of their holidays. At least I have the weekend… when I’m willing to give myself the day off.

Moving on. Ever since John Chow came to the forefront a few months ago, we’ve seen a literal onslaught of blogs on the Internet that focus on ways to make money online. They talk about how to optimize Adsense, how to create the best content, and which affiliate deals are the most lucrative. That’s all fine and dandy, but there is another part of the equation that most people forget. It’s not just about making as much money as you can; just as important, if not more so, is your ability to spend and/or save that money wisely.

Two people can have the exact same job, making the exact same wage, but they could very well lead very different lifestyles. One may choose to make his own lunch each day, buying the various ingredients in bulk once a week. The other person may take his lunch break and spend it at Earl’s, Milestone’s, or some other restaurant each day. The difference in the amount of money spent on food alone adds up very quickly. Person A can afford to take lavish vacations and drive a nicer car. Person B might be surprised at how little he has in his bank account.

So, let’s take it to as micro a scale as possible. Forget about how you would spend the money if you were to win the lottery. If you suddenly found a buck in your pocket that you didn’t know about, what are some of the best ways you can spend that dollar?


  1. An apple at the grocery store: Better for you than a bag of chips or a chocolate bar (which cost the same).
  2. A lottery ticket: A fool’s investment to be sure, but the possibilities are inviting.
  3. A bottle of water: Summer is hot. Stay hydrated.
  4. Newspaper: It’s important to stay informed of the world around you.
  5. Dollar store: You’d be amazed what you can buy for a loonie (or a “single”).
  6. 99 cent pizza: The cheapest meal you can have and you’ll have a penny to spare.
  7. Donate to charity: A dollar might not do much for you, but when combined with other donations, it can go a long way.
  8. A reusable container: Quit bringing your lunch in a disposable container. Has Live Earth taught you nothing?
  9. Save it: Put it in your bank account (or some other investment) and watch it grow.
  10. Collect three of them and buy me a beer.

By no means is this list meant to be exhaustive nor is it in any particular order. So, let me open up the floor to you. What do you think is the best way to spend a dollar? After all, a buck doesn’t get you much these days.