It’s hard to believe that we have already reached the middle of the week. Although I often complain that the weeks are too long and the weekends are far too short, it’s surprising how quickly time passes by when you keep yourself busy. Even so, I’ve managed to keep myself entertained, informed, and intrigued by the blogosphere around me as well as by my interactions in that big scary thing called the real world. *shudder* Yes, I actually venture beyond your LCD and into the cafe around the corner. Yes, it was an Internet cafe. *bows head in shame*

Anyways, on with the “happs”, as my friend Dylan puts it.

Gregg Gordon, known in some circles as Flash604, has been really busy with real life and hasn’t had an opportunity to keep up with his online lifestyle. He’s been so caught up in apparently more important things that he only sent me his address yesterday after winning last month’s USB TV Tuner contest. Now that he’s back in the mix, he’s rebuilding his blogroll and apparently Beyond the Rhetoric has earned a spot among his favorite local bloggers, right next to the perhaps better known Darren Barefoot. In any case, the free TV tuner (yup, the price is right) is in the mail and should arrive at Gregg’s door within the next couple of days.


On Sunday, I had a Wii party at my friend’s house and then we watched The Last Mimzy on DVD. It was a children’s movie, but the gals in the crowd wanted to watch it, so us masculine types had to tough it out. Thankfully, Rainn Wilson — better known as Dwight Schrute from the American version of The Office — had a supporting role in the film. Unthankfully, his character in this movie was nowhere near as quirky as the paper salesman from Scranton. Basically, The Last Mimzy follows the adventures of a couple of cute kids as they discover some weird time-traveling intergalactic connection and it all has to do with a stuffed rabbit. The storyline was a little convoluted and it really wasn’t all that interesting for the most part. There were some moments that brought a smirk to my face, but not nearly enough to warrant a recommendation. That’s why The Last Mimzy only gets 3 stars out of 5 from the BTR-o-meter. But hey, I didn’t have to pay for the rental, so the price was right.

Overclocking guru Shawn Knight may be just as big a Price is Right fan as I am, because he was one of the first bloggers to report that Drew Carey will be the new host of the popular game show. Obviously, no one will ever live up to the legend that is Bob Barker, so we can’t possibly compare the former “Whose Line Is It Anyways?” star to the guy that has been telling us to get our pets spayed or neutered for 35 years. I said it once and I”ll say it again: We’ll miss you Bob. At least Drew is a (much) better choice than Rosie O’Donnell. Then again, a ham sandwich would have been a better choice than Rosie.

Jane May is at it again, providing us with yet another daily web idea. This time, she distinguishes building a real business from trying to make fast cash. You need not look far to find blogs that have sold out to the dark side, trying to make as many quick bucks as they can. This is why so many blogs die after the first couple of months. And then there are guys like me who stick with it because even though this blog isn’t a business — it’s not like freelance writing — I do take it seriously enough that I want to put out some quality content. Want quality feedback on your blog? Then order a quality ReviewMe from me for the exceptionally good price of $50.

And now you know what’s up on Wednesday. It’s Bob Barker pounding on Adam Sandler…. bitch.