As most of my fellow Nintendo fanboys already know, Nintendo announced Wii Fit along with the Wii Balance Board at E3 last week. The reception among the video game blogging community has been mixed at best, as some say that it’s just another gimmick from Nintendo and they’re just forcing us to purchase yet another accessory the Wii, a system that has reached mass market appeal without any state-of-the-art animations or high-resolution graphics.

I remember when the Nintendo Wii — or the Revolution, as it was called at the time — was first revealed. I thought the motion-sensitive controller was incredibly innovative, even if it didn’t make use of any new technology, per se. I remember thinking about the possibilities for first-person shooters, sports games, and driving games. My brother thought that it was remarkably gimmicky and conventional gamers would lose interest within the first couple of months. That may be partly true, but Nintendo opened up their clientele to a whole new demographic. Lots of demographics, actually, now that we see guys like Conan O’Brien and Al Roker playing with the Wii, not to mention a bunch of folks in retirement homes.

So, you’ve got to wonder: how far will Nintendo push this “intuitive control” gimmick? What do you think of the Wii Balance Board? Will it make for fantastic snowboarding games or is it just another stupid toy that’s going to go out the way of the Super Scope and the Virtual Boy?

While you ponder that thought, check out this great video from Sarcastic Gamer.