Last week, we saw the beginning of a new era. In this newfound Smash Bros. tournament for the ages, many great heroes were defeated. Yes, even the kart-riding, goomba-squishing Mario could not survive his tremendously competitive battle. In order to determine the true Nintendo Wii champion, the bloodbath must continue. And so, we find ourselves in round two of Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Tournament Edition.

The remaining four combatants performed incredibly well in their first round matchups. Tapping into their unique sets of skills, they were able to overcome their opponents to find themselves here today. Will endurance be an issue? Or is a matter of having the right tools for the job?

These are the semi-finals. May the best man (or fox… or gorilla) win.


Wario vs. Donkey Kong
One is considered a top ten video game douchebag. The other one is known to hurl barrels and slip on bananas. In a battle of the heavyweights, grace and style don’t earn you very many points. It’s all about throwing your weight around in the nastiest of ways, and it doesn’t get much nastier than the anti-Mario. I foresee Wario using his flactulence in his favour, ultimately overwhelming the giant simian with an unbearable stench. Yes, I mean Wario farts and then DK gives up.
Winner: Wario


Solid Snake vs. Fox McCloud
There could not be a pair of competitors that are more different than these two guys. Solid Snake has a solid (pardon the pun) track record in military assignments. He is particularly skilled in the art of stealth combat. Fox McCloud, on the other hand, has had limited success as a hand-to-hand combatant (Star Fox Adventures was pretty lame), much preferring to take to the skies with his trusty Arwing. In the end, I believe that the years of experience and extensive field skills of the legendary Metal Gear Solid star will be too much for the fox. McCloud will ultimately run away with his tail between his legs, despite having access to a little laser gun.
Winner: Solid Snake

Eight Nintendo heroes have entered. Two remain. Who will be crowned the ultimate Smash Bros. champion?