This post was guest-blogged by Fabrizio Pilato, the head honcho of Mobile Magazine.

I know everyone is quite upset about the record gasoline prices here on the west coast of Canada. I for one am not taking it all that bad. I got myself a sweet road bike last summer for about $1000 and change. That cost me about half the amount I would spend on gas in a year. It was even cheaper than insurance.

Gas prices have just pushed me further into making those daily commutes fueled by a bowl of cereal, rather then big Oil Co. I’m sure I will get flamed for this, but I actually hope the gas prices keep rising. This has happened in Europe and people have managed to cope, take a look at the Netherlands, innovators in the way of alternative methods. Their gas is selling for around $6.50 US a gallon! If that were here, it would equate to around $1.85 a gallon. This explains why the Dutch have 16 million bikes on the road. If gas prices keep rising, people will not only be forced to look for other means of transportation, they will demand them.

So keep on rising gas, it ain’t gonna be cheap to pollute this planet of ours any longer.