Some time back, I discussed the value of the Google Personalized Homepage, especially given that it now has RSS previews. Well, it looks like the world’s biggest search engine is at it again, this time taking a small page out of Apple’s book.

The Google personalized homepage — a place where you can stuff all sorts of widgets and RSS feeds — is now called iGoogle, following in the same naming scheme that spawned the iPod, iMac, and the upcoming iPhone. While the fundamental functionality of this page has remained unchanged, they did add in the ability to customize the theme.

The “Classic” theme is what you’re used to: a plain white background with blue-colored links, but for the more adventurous, Google now offers Beach, Bus Stop, City Scape, Sweet Dreams, Tea House, and Seasonal Scape. By far, the most legible is still Classic, but it’s also the most boring.


Currently, I’m going with the Beach theme, not only because it’s a little relaxing and gives me a mini-vacation each time I look at it, but also because “this theme will dynamically change to match your time of day, including local sunrise and sunset times.” Sort of like the in-game environment in Animal Crossing.

What theme, if any, are you using for your Google personalized homepage iGoogle? What’s your take on skins and themes in general?