It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I’m going to a lazy Sunday spree of speed linking. When you’re a top commentator on Beyond the Rhetoric, there are more rewards that just a linkback on the PR4 (soon to be PR5?) blog… you occasionally get mentioned in speed linking posts such as this. Let’s see what’s happening.

Ajith pumps out all sorts of useful information for Windows users, but one of his most recent posts wasn’t all that useful. Instead, it was amusing. He teaches you to make images dance with JavaScript. It’s actually pretty funny if you want to give it a try.

Ed Lau promises to deliver 100% of your daily recommended intake of awesomeness. This week, he’s telling us that Top Gear will race in the Arctic. More specifically, they’re heading to Alaska. If he’s wrong, he says he’ll let me kick him in the chest.

Kumiko finally got a Google PageRank (looks like my prediction was correct) and she’s already looking into ways to monetize this newfound fame. She lists a number of ways that you can make money from the Google PageRank update. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the PR update, but I just got accepted by Text Link Ads. It’s time to make some money.

Calvin Harvey is bent on making money online, just like so many other bloggers out there. After a little initial research, he describes the best strategies or ideas for internet marketing. Pair that with some sage advice from a marketing expert and you’ll be making money in no time, right?

Andy surfed the web and returned with a whole slew of tech buzz. Now if only Andy updated his blog with original content more often.