I know I do.

This is probably one of the easiest contests you will ever enter, because it doesn’t involve sending in your phone number or address to a spam bot. You don’t need to sell your first-born child or part with your precious Nintendo Wii. Nope, all you have to do to enter this great contest by fellow blogger Bob Buskirk is simply tell people about the contest… and no, I’m not talking about the contest made famous by Seinfeld.

Bob is giving away a 1GB Mushkin Flash Drive. Just blogging about the contest will get you one entry, but I’m going to go ahead and take it one step further. I’m getting two entries for posting a screenshot of me browsing BobBuskirk.com.

I’m telling you about the contest (which ends April 30th), but I don’t really want you to officially enter… because that lowers my chances of winning. Good luck. (I don’t really mean it) 🙂