I read a lot of things during my daily journeys through the interweb. Some stuff is interesting, some stuff is not, and some stuff sticks around in my head for no real reason at all. Here are a few things that I’ve come across in the past week or so that I thought were worth reading and taking a second look at… that should be enough for you to take a first look at them.

Dylan Duarte may be a bit of a goofball and he doesn’t update his personal blog nearly as frequently as he should, but he did bring an interesting competition to my attention wherein his good friend, Jeff Morin, designed a new mascot for T-Shirt Hell. His rendition of Torsoless Ted is among the eight finalists. Vote for #5.

Ja Kel Daily is following in the footsteps of John Chow and holding a “review my blog” promotion. Like Chow, Ja Kel Daily — run by Jason and Kelly Neuman — is designed to help you make money, mostly online.

Kumiko Suzuki is one of the very few people blogging on the internet who is actually against AGLOCO. I don’t see why… next to no effort (and zero monetary investment) in exchange for possibly limitless rewards. Kumiko breaks down why giving out company shares is a scam.

Mitchell Harper is the same age as me, so I identify with his quest to make money online. Also like him, I have a firm belief in giving back to the community. Mitchell was nice enough to donate $500 to the Salvation Army and $500 to Ronald McDonald House, based on a comment contest he had on his blog. Good work!

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