I remember several months ago when I tried applying to ReviewMe (aff) to no avail. Apparently, Beyond the Rhetoric wasn’t nearly popular enough to be worth their while at the time. After all, ReviewMe has much more stringent demands on which blogs they accept compared to PayPerPost (aff), who will take on just about any comer. Well, after John Chow went out and did his Technorati pinging scheme, I got a huge boost to my Technorati ranking which currently sits at 78,469. That’s quite a bit better than the number I had before (well north of 100k). You can further help my cause by adding my blog to your Technorati favorites.

Anyways, seeing this good news, I decided to try my luck again with ReviewMe. Posts done for them tend to pay a lot better (Chow’s rate is $250) than PayPerPost, so I figured it’s definitely worth a shot. Bang, poof, wham-o: immediately upon telling them about Beyond the Rhetoric, I got accepted and am now in their marketplace, ready to accept reviews from advertisers. They determine the rate on your behalf and I got appointed with a rate of $40.

I know that it’s really short notice, but if you order up a review from me by the end of February (meaning the end of today), you get 50% off of that price. And it’s not like I’m new to ReviewMe either, having done a few for John Chow already.

One step closer to dot com mogul status for me. Anyways, here’s my ReviewMe profile page. Click on the ReviewMe widget guy in the sidebar to order a review from me.

P.S. On a side note, I’ve also noticed that my Feedburner RSS subscriber count is up into the double digits! Triple digits can’t be far behind, right? Help me out and subscribe to my RSS feed.