Building my brand, that’s what it is. My name is my brand, so it’s of utmost importance to my freelance writing business that people associate Michael Kwan with top-notch writing and editing in an expedient manner. As such, I was very happy to see that is now the number one result when you Google my name. To further the brand, I have installed a “favicon” on the main site, thanks to a few pointers from John Chow, the self-proclaimed dot com mogul and Google whore. The favicon, which you can see below, isn’t all that flashy, but it’ll help me stick out just a bit more than the average website, given that many internet destinations don’t have that itty bitty icon on the side. is super stylin' is super stylin' is super stylin' is super stylin' is super stylin' is super stylin'

The way that the favicon works is that when you open the page in my web browser, instead of having a generic logo next to the URL (and next to the site name if you’re running tabs), you get this customized one. This also shows up in your favorites list. What I’ve noticed, however, is that it does not work with older versions of Internet Explorer. The favicon is fully functional in FireFox and IE7+, though.

If you want to make a favicon of your own, I suggest you head over to the handy tool found at Dynamic Drive. It’s by far the easiest way to make the .ico file you’ll need to implement a favicon of your own. Further instructions are available on John Chow’s site. Heck, I’ve even convinced Fabrizio Pilato of Mobile Magazine to get a favicon.

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