I need a vacation. Sure, the sun is slowly starting to show itself around these parts, but for the most part, we can still look forward to a solid couple of months of rain, cloud, and dark dreary-ness. As such, I’ve been thinking about going somewhere that’s a little different than Vancouver. I’m considering Hawaii and Mexico for the most part, but something even more exotic, maybe I should think about Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sure, I’ve experienced a touch of the “Latin America” culture when I went to Los Angeles last year, but c’mon, we know it just wouldn’t be the same as actually visiting South America.

For each locale, there is inevitably a travel guide site out there for you to peruse. Buenos Tours, example, has listings for all sort of information regarding the Argentinian town, including blurbs on attractions, dining, hotels, nightlife, shopping, and more. Those who have known me for a while will know that I love interesting architecture (I once dreamed of becoming an architect). Visiting “older countries”, like those in Europe, South America, and elsewhere is quite a trip, especially considering that the oldest building in Vancouver barely reaches the century mark. It’s funny that the key building the Buenos Tours site mentions is the Abasto Shopping Center, the largest mall in the city. Yeah, a mall. I thought it would have been a church (during the missionary days) or something.

There it is. I must say that it’s pretty breathtaking, but… it’s a mall of all things. It does give us a good view of the town, though. Where have you been that you’d say is worth seeing?

The preceding post was sponsored by Buenostours.com.