Wait. Haven’t we seen a couple of these guys before? Oh right, a few years ago when Vancouver won the bid for the 2010 Winter Games. The race is just as heated for the next one in 2014, and just as before, the options have been narrowed down to three locations. Two of these will sound pretty familiar to just about anyone in the Vancouver/Whistler area (or Canada, for that matter).

According to TSN.ca, the three finalists are:

Pyeongchang, South Korea

Salzburg, Austria

Sochi, Russia

As you know, both Austria and South Korea were involved in the 2010 bid, so they already have quite a few of the pieces in place. In this way, they just had to change the date on a few documents, toss in a few extra selling points, and apply again. By contrast, Russia — despite having consistently impressive results at each and every Winter Olympic Games — has yet to ever actually host the games. Good times.

Where do you think the 2014 Games are going? Voice your opinion using the comment form below. Oh, and FYI, the 2008 Summer Olympics are in Beijing, 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver/Whistler (of course), and the 2012 Summer Olympics are in London (England).