This was certainly a long time coming. has been up and running since March 2006 (as has Beyond the Rhetoric), but I’ve never been particularly happy with how I designed the main site (where I promote my freelance writing and editing services… feel free to shoot some business my way by sending me an email). Luckily for me, an acquaintance from a local forum is a professional website designer and she volunteered her services. She was looking to expand her portfolio, so I was more than happy to be her guinea pig. After all, if things didn’t pan out, I could always go back to the way it was. Well, that redesign took longer than I expected, but it has finally happened. re-launched yesterday with a whole new layout, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Of course, it will also be a work in progress, and I will add, remove, and edit the content as time goes on, expanding my portfolio, as well as the services and references pages. I’m looking to change the top banner to something else, but I have yet to reach an epiphany on that front. Other than that, I’d like to jazz it up with a picture or two, but as Edwin Lau from the [ED]ition tells me, minimalism is “in” right now, so I should avoid any kind of clutter.

My budding career as a freelance writer has been off to a reasonably good start, I’d say. The best is yet to come.

Anyways, if you have a few moments, please head on over to and have a look around, sending me an email with any suggestions for improvement and so forth.

And so the journey continues…