Okay worry warts. Those of you who were concerned that AGLOCO was going to fill your computer with oodles of viruses, trojans, and nasty spyware can now rest easy. Prominent and well-respected Vancouver blogger John Chow had a chat with the people behind AllAdvantage 2.0 AGLOCO and they have confirmed that the toolbar, while displaying ads, will not contain any spyware whatsoever.

To quote from his blog:
Mavani has assured me that the AGLOCO Viewbar has absolutely no spyware. The Viewbar tracks your Internet surfing and serves advertising based on the web page you’re visiting. Everything the Viewbar tracks will be spelled out in the privacy statement. This is really nothing new. Many other toolbars, like Google’s, already track surfing habits. In addition, the Viewbar will offer privacy and phishing protection and an uninstaller should you wish to remove it for any reasons.

It’s been slow for me to get people to sign up for AGLOCO and I started to think that many people think it fishy. Well, there you have it. Unlike AllAdvantage, AGLOCO will not come with any spyware, only providing pretty flowers and happy thoughts.

In the beginning, they will be offering stock in the company to ensure that they will have enough funds to go around (and not abruptly go bankrupt like how AllAdvantage did). You’ll receive one share for every hour you surf (to a maximum of five shares per month), and as their business picks up, you’ll have the opportunity to switch over to a pure “pay me cash” agreement. Moreover, when and if they manage to go IPO, you’ll be able to sell those stocks for whatever you think you can get. When they do go IPO, however, they will probably prefer you take the cash, but if you still want stock, it probably won’t be on a one-hour-for-one-stock basis.

If you missed my first AGLOCO post, you can check it out here.

So, go ahead. Sign up for AGLOCO. You have absolutely nothing to lose and oh so much possibility to gain.

And don’t forget to include my referral code: BBBB6961. You can use this link to sign up, but if you wander away from that page, PLEASE go back to that link to make sure I get the referral.

Thanks all! Happy money making!