I recently wrote an article for LoveToKnow Party about Evite invitations and it got me thinking. Are paper-based…well, anything… obsolete? We turn to email to correspond with people, rather than the old post office method. We use Acrobat (PDF) files, instead of shooting over a fax. Heck, even for taking notes in class, more students are turning to laptops rather than an actual notebook (side note: it’s kind of funny, really, that a “notebook” could refer to a pad of paper or a portable computer).

Are we lacking the personal touch? People don’t meet in person as much anymore, yakking it up over instant messengers instead. But what about when it comes to wedding invitations? Or how about the pre-planning events, like when you want to send out bridal shower invitations? Now, I can perfectly understand when you’re organizing casual get togethers, like a poker game, birthday party, or a night of go-karting, but for something as personal (and important as a wedding, can you really opt for a cold message in someone’s email box? Does it not make you look cheap?

Maybe I just have weddings on the mind, because I went to so many this past summer. Maybe I overuse that wonderous evite site, relying on it a little too much for keeping track of RSVPs. Bleh. Maybe I’m just rambling.