Each time the video game industry is set to release a new generation of home consoles, there is an incredible buzz around the whole thing. Will the Genesis take out the SNES? Can the Dreamcast steal the market?

This time around it’s the (already released) Xbox 360, the Sony PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo Revolution. While the XB360 takes the old generation and just makes it better with HDTV and all that, and the PS3 probably doing the same, Nintendo is taking a different route altogether with the Revolution (as its name implies, although there are rumblings on the internet that the new system may be re-christened the Nintendo “Go” — meaning five in Japanese, as this is the fifth
Nintendo home system, following the NES, SNES, N64, and GameCube).

If you look at the technical specifications, Nintendo’s offering is far from being an impressive machine, putting up numbers that are only on par with the current generation Xbox. That said, they are revolutionizing the industry, so to speak, by trying to target casual players who may have been alienated by the trend toward overly complex and deep games (read: Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, etc.). Nintendo has always wanted to make games that are fun, easy to get into, but difficult to master and they hope to accomplish this with the “RevMote” controller.

The controller will feature gyroscopic technology, meaning it will respond to changes in three dimensional space. Think of the applications. A driving game where all you need to do is tilt the
controller to steer the car. A dueling title where the RevMote acts as a swiping sword. The possibilities are endless.

Personally, I’m stoked and can’t wait for the Revolution. It will likely be priced far cheaper than the PS3 and Xbox 360, but can offer some great gameplay and deeply engaging environments. Be a part of the game, rather than a passive observer.

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Expected titles include some version of Dragon Ball Z, Mario, Super Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Tony Hawk, Metroid, and some new titles like Red Steel, Thorn, and Sadness

What system are you most excited about (if any)? What is influencing your decision? Leave a comment, let me (and world) hear your voice!