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Jeremy Clarkson: Oops, my bad!

Top Gear is easily one of the most popular automotive enthusiast shows on the planet and it’s all because of that stupid Jeremy Clarkson that I’m probably going to get kicked in the chest by Ed Lau a la Frank Miller’s 300. Earlier, Jeremy Clarkson, host of Top Gear responded to the question of whether Top Gear would be back for another season by simply saying, “It won’t be.” This put the blogosphere into a headspin, Beyond the Rhetoric and Leftlane News included. Well, turns out that Clarkson’s quote was taken a little out of context. What he meant is that they won’t be doing a summer special because they’re still working out some kinks. More specifically, the lease to the airfield where they test the vehicles has run out and they need to sign a new one. Jalopnik somehow got a hold of Clarkson, who now says: Everyone seems to think the programme is finished or that I’ve left. Well, sorry to disappoint you all but it isn’t and I haven’t. Top Gear… will be back in the autumn. Thank goodness. Ed, you can kick me in the chest the next time I go to dot com...

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Vancouver is 23 degrees below zero?

Something went wonky with my Google personalized homepage last night, because it was telling me that the temperature in Vancouver was 23 degrees Celsius below zero. That’s minus 9 degrees Fahrenheit, for any Americans in the audience. I’m not sure where it pulled this clearly incorrect information from, because when I click on “Vancouver” on that page, it simply redirects me to a Google search for Vancouver weather. The Weather Network was reporting a current temperature of 10 degrees Celsius (above zero). Weird...

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Canucks vs. Flames – March 31

Just helping out a friend (and I want to test out the new AuctionAds (aff) URL converter feature). He has a pair of tickets for sale for the Vancouver Canucks hockey game on March 31st versus the Calgary Flames. This is a home game for the Canucks at GM Place. He put the seats up on eBay and the auction ends in about seven hours. Happy bidding. Vancouver Canucks vs Calgary Flames March 31 2...

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Video: A spider in the toilet

I’ll let you figure out how the spider got itself in the toilet, but it’s always interesting to see our little arachnid swimming around in a pool of water…. it just so happens that the pool of water is also where we, er, do our...

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“This is blasphemy… this is madness…” “Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!” Easily one of the most highly anticipated movies this year is 300, based on the Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name. This is the same guy that brought us Sin City, a gloriously artistic look at a city, well, dipped in sin. They went with the same shooting style for 300, with all the scenes taking place against a blue screen, letting the computers fill in the backgrounds after the fact. It is highly stylized and a little full of itself. There are a lot of dull...

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Meet the stars of Transformers the Movie

Transformers the Movie (live action, not the classic cartoon movie) is just around the corner. Although I know that they have completely bastardized the series by changing several key elements, I’m still very excited. Maybe not “300” excited, but at least “Spider-Man 3” excited. We’ve been taunted by teaser trailers, presented with spy pics from the set, and teased for our undying love of transforming robot-car things. After all of that, they’ve finally got the cast, so to speak, together for a group shot. In the above picture, you see the following: Optimus Prime, depicted as an 18-wheeling big...

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Kumiko Suzuki makes money online

Either the concept of making money online is quickly gaining in popularity, or I’ve recently found myself in the company of many like-minded individuals, all of whom are blogging and attempting to make money online. One such person is Kumiko Suzuki. Although she currently lives in Tokyo, she was born in New York, so her English is very good, decidedly better than the more successful root of all evil John Chow. The first thing you’ll notice about Suzuki’s blog — affectionately known as Kumiko’s Cash Quest — is that it is very pink. Like very, very pink. Every banner, every bit of linked text, even her Google Adsense ads are pink. I wouldn’t have opted for that particular color scheme myself, but then again, I’m not a girl. Although it is technically a Blogger/Blogspot blog, Kumiko’s Cash Quest looks nothing like it. It looks instead like a completely customized site: there is no Blogspot banner at the top. I’m not a fan of the three column layout as it makes the blog look too “busy.” The left column could be eliminated quite easily, merging into the right column. At this time, her main source of blogging income is through Adsense, though she does make a significant amount of dough for referring people to Friendfinder. The two other monetization methods haven’t been nearly as successful: myLot and SlashMySearch. But she...

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Top Gear is no more

BBC car enthusiast show Top Gear could be coming off the air permanently…. Say it ain’t so. Say it ain’t so. Easily one of the greatest automotive television shows to ever grace the airwaves could be shutting down for good. No more Richard Hammond ripping around the test track. No more Jeremy Clarkson giving us quirky British sayings. No more Stig destroying speed records with hot new supercars. This is a sad day in television and an even sadder day in the world of motorsports. According to Leftlane News, Top Gear will not be returning for another season this...

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John Chow makes money online

This is probably a conflict of interest, but I’m going to do it anyways. This is my blog and I’m going to do whatever I want. I’ve been working with John Chow for a little while now, writing reviews for The TechZone as well as filling in some guest blogger duties over at his blog, John Chow dot Com, wherein he mostly tries to dispense tips on how to make money online. His primary focus is not for people that do freelance writing like me, but rather people hoping to score plenty of bucks through blogging. John did make over $7,000 last month, so I’d say he knows what’s talking about, even if he has made a few enemies for trying to make too much money through advertising and sponsored posts. He’s been called the root of all evil and for good reason. He does partake in a few activities that may be seen as slightly less than ethical. He disrespects lobsters, attacks Technorati, and even gets himself banned (and unbanned and then banned again) from Digg. His most recent evil scheme involves giving a free linkback to anyone that’ll help him with a Google bomb. Sadly, I’m a part of those evil ways. In my experience, John can come off as arrogant and uncouth at times (his spelling and grammar are also deplorable), but at other times, he...

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Telus Mobility Buys Google Adsense

Well, not exactly, but pretty darn close. Number portability officially went live today in Canada, meaning that you can now go ahead and switch cell phone providers while keeping your phone number. As such, the mobile operators are frantically trying to prevent their current clientele from jumping ship, and at the same time, they’re trying to attract customers from other operators to come on in. Rogers, Fido, and Bell Mobility haven’t made a huge deal about the change, but Telus Mobility, man alive, have they taken this idea and ran with it. Chances are that the 300 Adsense box that you see in this article is showing the Telus Mobility video ad featuring those quirky monkeys. If you scroll through to a post where I have a 468 mini banner, it’s probably telling you to switch, reminding you that you can keep your phone number. They’re really aggressively targeting every Canadian IP, hogging up the Adsense space on just about every website out there. I see it on Mobile Magazine, Stephen Fung’s blog, and even (please use that link and Digg the story I wrote for Mobile Mag). I’m not a big fan of Telus Mobility myself — I prefer unlocked GSM phones from Asia and Europe, so I’m stuck with either Fido or Rogers (which is really one and the same) — but they’re really doing a...

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