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Google Shuts Down AdSense Support Email

Up until recently you could send an email to Google AdSense by simply sending an email. It would only be a day or two before you heard back from The Google AdSense Team. Their response was quite good, they were friendly, gave answers to questions regarding the adsense program, responded to issues you may be experiencing with reporting, tags, or what not. They were on the ball. Sadly, this all came to an end last week when I came across bugs in the Adsense code with the way our banners were being displayed. What I noticed was irregular sizes...

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Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

While Michael is out trying to make the most of his birthday, Ray Ebersole is stepping in with today’s guest blog post. We have all heard the saying that the grass always looks greener on the other side. But is it really? Have you found yourself wanting to move on at a job, a marriage or out of a home? I know I have, so why is it when we are presented with the opportunity do we see all these great things and none of the weeds? There is the natural instinct to want what others have and to...

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Star Trek Movie Review: The New Frontier

This post has been guest blogged by Ray Ebersole “Space, the final frontier.” That is the tag line for the Star Trek I grew up with. James T. Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura and the gang were my friends in the 60s. The new group of the Enterprise could be called “Space, the New Frontier.” This movie goes where no one has gone before in any version or recreation of the original series or movies. From the beginning, this movie takes the Star Trek franchise to a new generation of viewers, while bringing the old fans along for the trip....

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Top 10 Grammar Mistakes Writers Make

Whether if you’re a freelance writer like Michael Kwan or you’re a blogger like me, grammar mistakes are lurking right around the corner. The English language is confusing, but a simple grammar slip can make you look like a bad writer. Here’s a list of the top grammar mistakes writers make. 10. Vague Pronoun Reference: When using a pronoun, it should be clear what subject it’s replacing. For example: The car has a big tire, and it’s black. The reader faces a dilemma here, because it is unclear what the pronoun is replacing. It could replace either the tire or the car. The best way to fix this is by getting the pronoun completely: The car has a big black tire. 9. Sentence Fragments:A sentence must have a verb to be called a sentence. Some authors exclude verbs to add effect, but for the most part there needs to be a verb. For example: Another dreaded World War. There is only a subject in this sentence. To fix this you need to add a verb: Another dreaded World War has started. 8. It’s vs. Its: There seems to be a lot of confusion on when to use it’s or its. It’s is a contraction short for it is. On the other hand, its is possessive and shows ownership. For example: It’s too cold. This sentence means it is too...

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Russell Peters: The Homecoming Tour

Having to pay a hefty fee to park in Downtown Vancouver is not very appealing. However, I didn’t mind forking over those bucks on top of the ticket price to see a sold out Russell Peters show. We caught the performance last night (Thursday) at the Orpheum. Despite the fact that we got to the venue on time, the show did not start on time. There was about a 20 minute delay before things got underway. The first opening act was Frasier Smith, and I must admit, his jokes on the Americans brought tears to my eyes as he went from mocking George Bush to imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was followed by Danny Quinn and I think he was my least favorite act of the whole show. In my view anyways, he was trying too hard to be funny. What’s more, he was yelling into the microphone more than speaking into it. To round it off, Danny looked angry and just a little bit uptight. Eventually, the guy that I paid a whopping 70 dollars to see showed up…….. RUSSELL PETERS!!!!!!!! The audience erupted in a thunderous cheer as Peters strolled onto the stage and from that point on, there was never a dull moment as the stand-up comic did what does best…be racist. There were a few Asians sitting in the front row, and Russell just picked on...

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Gas Prices Rise, Pushing the Alternative Route

This post was guest-blogged by Fabrizio Pilato, the head honcho of Mobile Magazine. I know everyone is quite upset about the record gasoline prices here on the west coast of Canada. I for one am not taking it all that bad. I got myself a sweet road bike last summer for about $1000 and change. That cost me about half the amount I would spend on gas in a year. It was even cheaper than insurance. Gas prices have just pushed me further into making those daily commutes fueled by a bowl of cereal, rather then big Oil Co. I’m sure I will get flamed for this, but I actually hope the gas prices keep rising. This has happened in Europe and people have managed to cope, take a look at the Netherlands, innovators in the way of alternative methods. Their gas is selling for around $6.50 US a gallon! If that were here, it would equate to around $1.85 a gallon. This explains why the Dutch have 16 million bikes on the road. If gas prices keep rising, people will not only be forced to look for other means of transportation, they will demand them. So keep on rising gas, it ain’t gonna be cheap to pollute this planet of ours any...

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Christina Aguilera Brings Us “Back To Basics”

Yeah, that’s one crazy lineup. Filling in for Michael this morning is Susanne Shum. She’ll be writing on the Christina Aguilera concert that was held at GM Place earlier this week. Enjoy! On Monday night (March 12), Michael and I went down to General Motors Place to catch the Christina Aguilera concert. We were lucky enough to find a free parking spot along Pacific Blvd. However, we had to stand in line for about 45 minutes to get ourselves through Gate 3 even though we were an hour and a half early (show time was at 7:30pm)! Both of...

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