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Mr. Red Cafe, Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver

July 24th, 2014

There is certainly no shortage of Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver, so you’ll never have any trouble finding a piping hot bowl of pho. Interestingly, though, you’ll find that the vast majority of these restaurants typically serve the pho nam typical of southern Vietnam. The so-called “Saigon style” pho is one that is more complex and […]

What’s Up Wednesdays: You Gotta Eat Here

July 16th, 2014

We start our weekly speedlink journey by visiting with Melody Fury in Austin, Texas. She recently had the opportunity to eat some delicious food from Jasper’s Gourmet Backyard Cuisine, which incorporates Asian influences into classic American dishes. You get some great Thai green curry mussels, for example, as well as five-spice calamari with sweet chili […]

On Smartphones, Food Porn and Restaurant Etiquette

July 14th, 2014

Over the weekend, my friend Joseph shared an article about a NYC restaurant that compared security camera footage from 2004 with footage from 2014. They say that the number of customers that they serve each day today is roughly comparable to the volume they handled ten years ago, but they’ve been receiving negative reviews online. […]

Matcha Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me Organics

June 23rd, 2014

By now, you’ve surely heard about some of the purported health benefits of green tea, particularly when it comes to Japanese matcha. It’s supposed to be great for providing a steadier stream of all-day energy than the usual jolt you get out of coffee and matcha is said to have far more antioxidants than regular […]

Dining at Din Tai Fung in Taipei 101, Taiwan

June 17th, 2014

There are few Asian food items that are quite as iconic as the humble dumpling, particularly because it comes in so many different forms from so many different cultures. And for a lot of people, the xiaolongbao is king. Literally translated as the “bun” or “dumpling” from a small steaming basket, the typical xiaolongbao is […]

EAT! Vancouver 2014 in Photos

June 13th, 2014

Since I was too busy touring computer factories and enjoying teppanyaki in Taiwan a couple of weekends ago, I sent Susanne to check out EAT! Vancouver in my place. This food and cooking festival has been going on for a number of years, allowing attendees to sample products from a range of local companies, attend […]

Shen Yen Teppanyaki Restaurant in Yilan, Taiwan

June 9th, 2014

It’s no secret that there are many great places to eat in Taiwan, regardless of the kind of budget that you have. That being said, most of these places don’t need you to book a table as much as six months in advance, but that is exactly the case when it comes to Shen Yen […]

Sunday Snippet: Eddie Huang, Fresh Off The Boat

June 8th, 2014

“Xiang wei is the character a good dish has when it’s robust, flavorful, and balanced but still maintains a certain light quality. That flavor comes, lingers on your tongue, stays long enough to make you crave it, but just when you think you have it figured out, it’s gone. Timing is everything. Soup dumplings, sitcoms, […]