Author: Michael Kwan

Turning over a new leaf launched last month to limited fanfare, but with the introduction of Beyond the Rhetoric and a featured interview on The Commentary, traffic has been steadily picking up steam, despite the fact that the website...

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Nintendo Revolution

Each time the video game industry is set to release a new generation of home consoles, there is an incredible buzz around the whole thing. Will the Genesis take out the SNES? Can the Dreamcast steal the market? This time around...

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Tazo Green Tea Latte

As I sat there in the Starbucks on the UBC campus, bashing at the keyboard to write my slate of Mobile Magazine articles, sipping at my vanilla latte, the nice young lady wearing the standard green apron came around with a tray...

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Still Recovering

This is a little disheartening, but it’s nearly four months since Christmas and I’ll still recovering from the holiday blahs. It’s not really the lack of the festive season or the onslaught of gift giving (and...

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Channel surfing

You know you’re getting old when you start saying things like, “I remember when I was younger…” or “Things aren’t like they used to be”, or — perish the thought — something...

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On The Line

I was On The Line with Joseph Planta earlier today, where I was on the receiving end of an interview. We discussed the meaning of life, whether a tree that fell in the forest would actually make a sound, and about potatoes. On a...

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Canucks, Why Must You Torment Me So?

Every year it’s same for the Vancouver Canucks, not only the squad that plays at General Motors Place, but even harkening back to the days of the old Pacific Colisseum on the PNE Fairgrounds where the WHL Giants play...

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Save Your Gas – Three Tips

Gas prices are growing faster than our wallets (industry experts are saying it’s going to top a buck-twenty this summer in the Vancouver area). There’s already the obvious stuff, like minimizing the number of trips you...

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Michael Kwan
Hi, I'm Michael. By day, I'm a freelance writer. By night, I'm still a freelance writer. I'm also an engaged work-at-home dad, a voracious foodie, an avid traveler, and a thinker who thinks he might be thinking too much. Beyond the Rhetoric is a reflection of my eclectic life, fueled by caffeine and Wi-Fi.