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Motorola Q running Pocket NES

While there was a whole lot of hub-bub yesterday surrounding the launch of the Nintendo DS Lite, those of you who want to get your old school gaming on while still rocking the latest and greatest that technology has to offer… well, you guys just got a whole new toy to play with. Launched in the United States through Verizon Wireless, and seemingly available to Canadians through Telus Mobility (though it’s not on their website, I did get a flyer the other day telling me they had it), the Motorola Q is said to the be the world’s slimmest smartphone and this puppy sure has a whole lot of tricks up its sleeve. Smartphones are growing in popularity because they add so much more functionality to an otherwise strictly-for-communication device. Sure, SMS and MMS may be fun and all, but isn’t it great to watch some TV on the go with Slingplayer Mobile, rock the satellite tunes with XM Radio, and all the while keep up with your work-related things using light versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer? That’s what the Motorola Q smartphone is all about. Regular cell phones are so yesterday. Check out the video below of a user that got Pocket NES working on the Motorola Q. He’s playing a hit from a legendary sereis, and arguably one of the single greatest games of...

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Spiderman 3 – Video on the set!

Now that the X-Men movie trilogy is officially wrapped up (although Wolverine and Magneto spinoffs — prequels, actually, are said to be in the works), we need to refuel our superhero fix. Let’s cast aside Superman for just a moment — I know how many of you are itching about that movie too — and turn to Peter Parker and his webslinging ways. Comic book lovers of the world rejoice because I’ve come across this video (watch below) on the set of Spiderman 3 in New York. The Spiderman universe is actually just as popular as any other major comic book derived super hero out there, ranking right up there with the X-Men, Batman, Superman and others. We’ve fallen in love with Tobey Maguire as Spiderman and we can’t help but have a soft spot for Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson. For this third offering on the silver screen, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman has to face off against the Sandman (played by Thomas Haden Church) and VENOM!!!!! Perhaps most interesting of all, Venom (aka Eddie Brock when he’s not covered in the black goo) is going to be portrayed by Topher Grace of That 70s Show fame. Yes, Eric Foreman. Anyways, here’s the Spiderman vid I mentioned above. It’s not much, but it’ll have to do until we get to enjoy Spiderman 3 in all its glory next...

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FREE: Electronic Gaming Monthly subscription

I came across this link — — a little earlier today, and they’re saying that I can get a one-year subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly, a rather prominent video game magazine, absolutely free with no strings attached. Growing up, it had to be EGM and GamePro for all my video game news, reviews, previews, and cheat codes needs, but with the advent of the internet, most of the things published in these gaming mags is a little dated, compared to big websites like the IGN family of sites, Joystiq, Gamespot, and other resources. I figured it was worth a shot and filled out the form, so I’ll keep you posted as to whether I actually receive an issue (if I remember to update this entry; after all, it will take 4-6 weeks before I receive my first issue… at best). Now, I am not responsible for any external links that you may stumble upon through reading my blog — video game related or otherwise — and I in no way am affiliated with these people, but I just thought I’d pass this information onto you and from there you can do whatever you want. Take a chance… or don’t, see if I...

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Driver-oriented Maybach 51 destined for 2009

With the exception of their extra length, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish a Maybach from a standard-issue Mercedes based on the exterior looks alone. Open the rear doors, however, and you’ll quickly realize the substantial differences between the two sets of vehicles as the Maybach is a car to be driven in, not one that you purchase to actually drive yourself. That might be changing though, according to Auto Motor und Sport of Germany. Word is that Mercedes is working on the smallest Maybach to date – dubbed the 51 for its 5.1 meter length, following in the tradition of other Maybach models on the market – with an expected launch some time in 2009. Because of its smaller size, they’re calling this the most driver-oriented model in the Maybach lineup. Driver-oriented indeed, because the 51 will sport a V12 engine capable of between 500 and 600 horsepower. It might even rock the same platform as the W221 S-Class Mercedes. In addition to the four door sedan, there are rumblings of a coupe version as well, further pushing the driver-oriented nature of this new vehicle. While exact pricing is far from being confirmed, it is likely that the Maybach 51 will fall into the same range as the Bentley Continental Flying Spur (the world’s fastest 4-door production vehicle). Source: Leftlane...

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So, a crow flew into my house…

So, a crow flew into my house yesterday. Far be it for me to call myself a wildlife expert, but I didn’t think that these otherwise incredibly intelligent animals would just decide to fly into an occupied house with people in plain view. Maybe I should better explain myself. My mom was coming back from grocery shopping, and my brother sees her through the window unloading the trunk. As she walks toward the house, my brother makes his way over to open the door for her. As the door swung open, he discovers that there is a crow sitting on my doorstep. The little black bird tries to bolt through the entrance, but my brother slams the door shut. Unfortunately, the crow gets stuck somewhere in the middle (I don’t know how exactly, I was still in bed at the time), so my brother, Denny, is forced to open the door to let it out. Strangely, as soon as the door is open again, the crow flies straight into the coat closet and perches itself on a pair of sandals. My mom freaks out. My brother freaks out. The crow is, well, not looking so well, bobbing his (or her, we have no idea) head up and down, having trouble keeping his balance. With all this commotion, I am startled from my slumber and make my way down the...

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Feel the adrenaline rush

For some people, the idea of a good day is the stereotypical lazy Sunday afternoon. Cuddling up with a good novel under an old oak tree is an absolute dream. For me, though, and countless others, there is an intense urge to feel an adrenaline rush. I feed off of excitement — sometimes, at least — so for those of you in the Vancouver area, I’m totally open to a few budget-minded venues where I can get that monkey off my back. When I was younger, video games could provide that little bit of thrill. They still do, to a certain extent, but not quite as much as before. Personally, I enjoy racing games, but mostly only in the arcades where I actually have a set a pedals at my feet and a solid steering wheel in front of me. Shooting games are also fun, and as such, I’m very excited about the prospects of Red Steel for the upcoming Nintendo Wii. It’s been a while since I’ve gone, but for a while, I was addicting to go karting at TBC Indoor Racing, located in Richmond BC. The rush of actually racing, but in a safe, controlled environment, is quite inviting. From what I hear, it is head and shoulders above the outdoor racing track found near the Richmond Auto Mall. The speed at TBC is thrilling, the course...

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Wi-Fi hazardous to your health

I was a little concerned when I came across this article on MobilitySite, because they’re saying that the increased use of the Wi-Fi technology — so many of us have switched to wireless networking these days because it’s so easier and no more expensive that its wired counterpart, security issues aside — has led to several health problems. Among those cited include headaches, increased fatigue, lack of concentration, and impotence. Okay, maybe not the last one, but you can get over that with some adequate therapy and drugs and stuff. Sorry, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, lack of concentration… Granted, it may simply be a version of medical student syndrome, but I found that lately I have been feeling a little out of it. I often feel tired, although I know that I am generally getting an adequate amount of sleep. I may not be the healthiest diner in the world, but I wouldn’t say that I’m suffering from malnutrition or over-eating. My attention span may have suffered in recent years, but I blame that more on the overload of technology and entertainment than anything else. Most people in this generation have short attention spans, I find. It makes me wonder, though, about the adverse effects of Wi-Fi, given that so much more is being said about potential cancer-causing cell phone use. Could this be another...

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REVIEW: Over the Hedge

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but these computer-generated animation films are really starting to flood the silver screen. Sure, a few years ago, you may have gotten an odd one here or there, and for the most part, they were quite enjoyable if only for their relative novelty. I had a thoroughly good time watching the first Toy Story. I couldn’t help but chuckle at Woody Allen as an insect in Antz. And like just about everyone else on the planet, I couldn’t get enough of Mike Myers as an ugly green ogre in Shrek. This spring and summer, however, it seems like Hollywood has gone into overdrive with these flicks and they’re all starting to look a little generic. Between Ice Age 2, The Wild, Cars, and Ant Bully, it seems like we can’t go a week without a new computer animated film hitting up the local Silvercity, Colossus, Paramount, or the like. Well, although the girlfriend has been catching these technological marvels religiously, the first that I’ve watched this season is Over The Hedge, based on the syndicated comic strip by Michael Fry and T. Lewis who also wrote the screenplay. As expected, they’ve cast a good number of “real actors” to do the voices for this Dreamworks production, and I must say, I’m particularly pleased by the performances by Wanda Sykes (as a cheeky skunk),...

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Wii Launch Titles: 16 of them!

Okay, so this is still in the rumour stage at this point, but Wii Fanboy recently compiled a list of sixteen titles are scheduled to accompany the Nintendo Wii (formerly known as the Revolution) at launch. Even though a launch date and price (more on that in a bit) have not yet been announced for Nintendo’s next generation home video game console, the interweb is busting at the seams with stories about the not-so-powerful machine with ultra-innovative gameplay. The sixteen games that we think have a good chance of being launch titles are the following: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Wii Sports Red Steel Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam Madden NFL 2007 Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Metal Slug Anthology Trauma Center: Second Opinion Elebits Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Blitz: The League Rayman Raving Rabbids SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab Disney/Pixar’s Cars Two of the most hotly anticipated of the bunch are Red Steel, a first person shooter-action title that takes you through the underworld of the Yakuza, involving guns, samurai swords, and a sense of honour; and Wii Sports, a series of pick-me-up and just have fun games that are destined to be party hits. If you poke around YouTube, I’m sure you can find a video of Wii Tennis with Shigeru Miyamoto himself. Regarding release date, the...

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Richmond Night Market

Summer may not have officially arrived just yet, but for many in the Asian community — particularly those of Chinese or Taiwanese descent living in the Vancouver area — it might as well have started because the floodgates to the “night market” have officially opened (as of this past weekend), letting in the army of counterfeit Gucci purses, late night dim sum, and shady electronics. The fad may have started with the night market in Chinatown a few years ago, but it really took off when they found a larger venue in Richmond. We saw it in the Lansdowne Shopping Centre parking lot, and then a large space near where River Rock Casino sits now, but today’s Richmond Night Market is located a little further east, along River Road between No 5 and No.6 Road. For the uninitiated, that’s right around the IKEA/Future Shop/Staples/Home Depot area on Bridgeport and Sweden Way. Just follow the convoy of cars as they slowly roll into the $3 and $4 parking lots. I haven’t been to the market this year, but have in year’s past. If you look around, you can sometimes find a good deal on some blank optical discs (CD-R’s years ago; more DVD+/-Rs and RWs in recent times), the occasional artsy puzzle, or some random clothing made in China. Caveat emptor, of course. The RCMP are saying that they will...

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