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Mac-Friendly Online Poker

It’s no secret that poker, particularly Texas Hold ‘Em, is quickly growing in popularity. This is thanks largely to organizations like the World Poker Tour that have introduced the old card game to the masses. We watch newfound celebrities like Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and Doyle Brunson as they check, raise, and go all-in against their opponents. With this rising popularity has also come a never-ending onslaught of websites dedicated to online poker. Some, like Poker Stars, grant users the possiblity of playing against other poker enthusiasts clear across the globe. Others, like Mac Poker Online (the website that graciously sponsored this post) are more about providing information. Mac Poker dishes out details on where you can play and how to improve your game, in addition to providing poker forums for you to discuss your strategies and scenarios with other poker players. What sets Mac Poker apart from the rest of the crowd, however, is that it specifically caters to people who use Apple computers, like the glossy white iMac or MacBook. The relatively easy-to-navigate site provides reviews on poker destinations like Pacific Poker, Fulltilt Poker, and the aforementioned Poker Stars. Each of these pages describe different ways that Mac users can get online and play some poker… after all, finding Mac-compatible software isn’t nearly as easy as finding stuff for Windows. I’m not a Mac user myself, but...

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Shout Outs to April’s Top Commentators

Although it was April, these five fine folks were no fools. They got a nice juicy linkback from the PR4 blog and now they’re getting some more link love in the form of a permanent link in a blog post. While I write the main content on Beyond the Rhetoric, it is the discussion held in the comment forms that keeps this site interactive and dynamic. Who were the five yakkers who took the time to leave their mark on this blog? Who had something to say and went out and actually said it? Let’s have a look at...

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ReviewMe: Make Money with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson

Remember how I told you that I was hot on ReviewMe? Well, here are the fruits of that success, resulting in the second ReviewMe review to appear on Beyond the Rhetoric. There is no shortage of blogs out there that claim they can help you make money online. They promise greater traffic to your site, increased performance of your ad networks, and improved search engine optimization. Most of these are full of crap and regurgitated material that you’ve surely seen somewhere else. Admittedly, I approached Zac Johnson dot Com with a similar pre-conceived notion of BS, but thankfully, Zac...

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Speed Linking with the Top Commentators

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I’m going to a lazy Sunday spree of speed linking. When you’re a top commentator on Beyond the Rhetoric, there are more rewards that just a linkback on the PR4 (soon to be PR5?) blog… you occasionally get mentioned in speed linking posts such as this. Let’s see what’s happening. Ajith pumps out all sorts of useful information for Windows users, but one of his most recent posts wasn’t all that useful. Instead, it was amusing. He teaches you to make images dance with JavaScript. It’s actually pretty funny if you want to give it a try. Ed Lau promises to deliver 100% of your daily recommended intake of awesomeness. This week, he’s telling us that Top Gear will race in the Arctic. More specifically, they’re heading to Alaska. If he’s wrong, he says he’ll let me kick him in the chest. Kumiko finally got a Google PageRank (looks like my prediction was correct) and she’s already looking into ways to monetize this newfound fame. She lists a number of ways that you can make money from the Google PageRank update. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the PR update, but I just got accepted by Text Link Ads. It’s time to make some money. Calvin Harvey is bent on making money online, just like so many other bloggers...

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New WordPress Tool for Mobile Blogging

I already wrote about this new WordPress plug-in by Andy Moore and AdMob over at Mobile Magazine earlier today, so I’m not going to regurgitate all of the material. (You can follow the link to read the full story.) Instead, I’ll just provide you with the Coles Notes version here. The new tool — available here — takes your WordPress blog and makes it mobile in two ways: It creates a mobile version of your blog that is more cell phone friendly, just as so many major websites — like CNN — have mobile versions of their sites. It grants you the privilege of updating your blog on your cell phone. This includes posting content, uploading files, and checking stats Seems neat. I wonder if I should give it a try. After all, it’s free and free is always a good...

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I’m Hot on ReviewMe

Beyond the Rhetoric is far from being my primary source of income, but it’s nice to see a steady growth both in terms of traffic and monetization on this site. While automatic and self-serve networks like Adsense, AuctionAds, and PayPerPost have been reasonably successful, my dealings in the marketplace haven’t been quite so hot. For example, I signed up with AdVolcano to sell ad space on this site and I’ve received limited success, despite some very competitive pricing. The same can be said about ReviewMe, but it seems that things are about to change. I wrote one review for MEGATechNews (as well as several that have been posted on John Chow dot Com), but I haven’t received another request since. Well, until today (I’ll probably be doing it in a couple of days). So, I started to wonder where it came from. I haven’t asked the sponsor directly, but when I went over to the ReviewMe site, I saw that I was #1 for “Today’s Best.” According to this list, I’m hot. So hot, that I got one reviewed ordered…. the first of many,...

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Top Ten Most Common Online Passwords

Getting into the WordPress tool to put up this post, I had to put in a password. When I woke up this morning to get started on writing news articles for Mobile Magazine, I had to input my password. When it came time to check on my AGLOCO account, guess what, another password. In this age of online everything, we are bent on keep everything secure — as we should be — but far too many people don’t pay enough attention to the passwords they create. The whole point of an online password is to keep everyone out of your business, but if this password is too easy to guess, it kind of defeats the whole purpose. That’s why proponents in the industry suggest that a “strong” password consists of both letters and numbers, including an upper-case letter or two. If the system allows it, they even suggest that you toss in a random symbol like @ or $. Alas, most people keep their passwords as actual words, all in lower-case. But what are the most common passwords that people use? According to, PC Magazine has a list in their upcoming issue (May 8) of the top ten most common online passwords. Here they are: 1. password 2. 123456 3. qwerty 4. abc123 5. letmein 6. monkey 7. myspace1 8. password1 9. blink182 10. (your first name) The...

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Time Magazine’s Most Influential People of the Year

Each year, Time Magazine compiles a list of the 100 most influential people of the year, spanning politics, entertainment, and everything in between. One entry that is particularly noteworthy this year is Shigeru Miyamoto, the Senior marketing director at Nintendo and the General manager of Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development (EAD). You might better know him as the creator of Super Mario. He has never been featured on a Time front cover nor has he ever made this top 100 list. I guess with the sudden surge in interest in Nintendo — particularly surrounding the Nintendo Wii, and to...

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2007 NHL Playoffs – Round Two Predictions

After the Vancouver Canucks’ hard fought victory over the Dallas Stars last night, all of the match-ups for the 2007 second round NHL playoffs have been decided. As can be expected, predicting the winners of the 2nd round playoff games is considerably more difficult than the first, given than eight “weaker” squads have been eliminated from the 2007 NHL playoff picture. But just because something is hard doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to do it. Wanna know who you should bet on for 2007 second round NHL playoffs? Don’t want to fork over the big bucks to professional analysts and insider sources? Well, then check out my playoff predictions below and throw caution to the wind! (Note: I am in no way responsible if you decide to break the bank and ending up putting yourself out of house, home, spouse, and foam — I couldn’t think of another word to rhyme with home — because the following is just what I think. It’s not like I paid off the players or anything.) First, let’s have a look at the Western Conference. Detroit Red Wings (1) vs. San Jose Sharks (5) So, the Red Wings think that they’re all high and mighty because they dusted off the Calgary Flames. They think that they’re hot stuff because they were just a few points away from the President’s Cup during the...

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