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My Top 5 Favorite Movies of All-Time

I enjoy a variety of movies. Movies that make you think, like Dead Poets Society. Comedies like Idiocracy (which is actually a very smart movie) and Office Space. Superhero flicks and rom-coms and Japanese anime. Given that this list only spans about a six-year period, though, there may be a rose-tinted glasses effect going on here. I don’t deny it. That’s probably why I say that 90s grunge and 90s hip hop are the best too. But that’s also why I say these are my favorite movies and not necessarily the best movies of all-time. Let’s get started, shall...

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The Biggest Challenges I Face as a Freelancer and WAHD

At a casual little get-together the other day, someone exclaimed that out of everyone in attendance, I probably had “the best gig.” For the most part, everyone else had a regular 9-to-5 kind of job or they engaged in some sort of shift work. In either case, I was the only one who had a “work from home” kind of career. This statement was then followed up with a question. What is the most challenging aspect to my professional career as a freelance writer and blogger, particularly in relation to how it intersects with my personal life as a...

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Vlog #84: Cheap Nintendo Switch Accessories

I’ve had the Nintendo Switch for just over a year now. It’s a quirky little console that doesn’t fit neatly into traditional gaming conventions. As a result, as fun as it may be, it’s also not without its challenges and shortcomings. But some of these can be overcome with cheap Nintendo Switch accessories! Here I am, splurging twenty bucks at a time in this week’s vlog. This is a little more spendy than loading up on five dollar t-shirts, but perhaps these items are a little more practical. Or maybe not. We’ll need to see how much mileage I...

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Sunday Snippet: Vince McMahon

Sometimes it’s better to just sit back and survey the situation. If you choose your words carefully, people will pay more attention to what you don’t say than what you do. And then when you talk, your words will mean more. I haven’t followed professional wrestling for something like 15 years, but I was a huge fan during the ’80s and ’90s. After growing up among kitschy gimmicks like the Mighty Kamala and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, I got pulled into the “extreme” scene of ECW. At the time, I thought that Vince McMahon was just another commentator. Little...

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What I’m Into Right Now (July 2018)

I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands. Between full-time fatherhood, full-time freelancing, part-time blogging, part-time vlogging, and everything else, it doesn’t leave me with much leisure time. But I feel compelled to find the time to relax and enjoy myself every now and then, whether that means picking up a book and picking up my Switch. The last time I highlighted some of my interests and indulgences was back in the spring. So, let’s update that list with what I’m into right now for the summer. TV Shows These days, I watch practically zero cable...

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On Judging Other Parents (and Their Kids)

Most of us can likely agree that Cersei Lannister is not a very good person. Shame, shame, shame. Joffrey doesn’t have too many redeeming qualities either. Something about apples and falling and trees. At the same time, we can also recognize that Cersei was fiercely protective of her children. To a fault, even. “Though this be madness,” as Polonius famously proclaimed, “yet there is method in it.” A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how you really don’t know anything until you’re in the thick in the things. I remember I used to shake my head when I...

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Vlog #83: Am I a Good Asian?

When I was a kid, I didn’t have much interest in my Asian heritage. Being a Chinese Canadian was just a simple matter of fact, and there were plenty of us in Vancouver. I was much more interested in the “Canadian” part of my identity, listening to English language music and watching English language television. But now that I look back, and look at myself today, I’ve got to wonder: Was I a good Asian? Am I a good Asian? And what does that even mean?   The impetus for this week’s vlog started when I listened to the...

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Sunday Snippet: Erin Hanson

Who says paper worlds Are an escape from what is real? As though the lives trapped in their binding Are not ones that make you feel. For sometimes our greatest lessons Come from those with ink for skin, Who reach beyond the page To take our hand and pull us in. This is not to take anything away from so-called “escapist” fiction, because it most certainly has its place in the literary world. You could argue that the sci-fi novels of the late Michael Crichton are “escapist,” but the worlds he created within those pages were full of life...

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Idiomatica: In the Throes of Passion

In the heat of the moment, it’s perfectly understandable that you would default to the most familiar way to spell something. You don’t get that squiggly red line in your web browser and your phone’s autocorrect isn’t automatically correcting it, so it has to be right, right? Not always, and that’s how I came to learn that I should be writing it as in the throes of passion and not the throws. These are not decorative pillows. This is the same kind of scenario as when you talk about something that jibes with you (and not jives or gibes...

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What’s Up Wednesdays: Anxiety and Parenthood

Every month, I round up some great blog posts from around the web in a series I like to call What’s Up Wednesdays. Here is what’s up for June 2018. When it comes to influential Canadian dads, it doesn’t get much more influential than Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad. On the occasion of Father’s Day earlier this month, he put himself out there and declared what Father’s Day is not; it’s not Mother’s Day II. How do you feel when people decide to celebrate single moms on Father’s Day? What about single dads on Mother’s Day? I know what it’s...

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