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What Dads Really Want for Valentine’s Day

As much as I like to think of myself as a hopeless romantic, Valentine’s Day always reminds me of that episode of Married with Children. Yes, it’s become a highly commercialized holiday. Vendors understandably capitalize on this opportunity; I don’t blame them. All the commercials depict guys showering their loves with flowers, chocolate, and fancy jewelry. What if we turned things around? Many couples might complain that the romance gets lost after several years of marriage (and the arrival of children). If you’re shopping for the father of your children, perhaps you might consider a few of these Valentine’s...

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Sonnet Sunday: Another Rainy Day

Stomping in the puddles, soaked through my socks The chill of wind that cuts right through my bones A break in the clouds my spirit it mocks Dreary weather, public complains and moans Lack of city snowfall, lacks wintry vibe No snowmen, no snow angels, no sledding Maybe this is an excuse to imbibe No Asian blush, so my face not redding But sun’s return is not without fault too Mercury rises and heatwave ensues “It is too hot,” we say. “What can we do?” Lesser of several evils we must choose       Whether basking in rain...

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Tourist Traps That Are Actually Worth It

Every travel destination has its fair share of tourist traps. Some are more worthwhile than others. For instance, if you ever make it to Beijing, you’ll probably want to see the Great Wall of China. And when you decide to go to New York City for the first time, you just have to visit the Statue of Liberty. Except you’re probably better off looking at Lady Liberty from a boat rather than trying to survive the overcrowded island itself. Now, I can only speak from my own personal experience. Your preferences may vary. And while I’ve seen some of...

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[VLOG] Original Buddha Board Moment of Zen

As you might already know, I’m trying to slow things down this year. “Try” being the operative word, of course. All these years of hustling and trying to get more done have only led to mental exhaustion. And burnout. And this feeling that nothing I do will ever be enough. I need to let go of these burdensome “should statements” and just learn how to let go. Maybe this new Buddha Board will help. In my guiding words vlog a couple weeks ago, I noted that “freedom” would be a priority for 2019. The objective is to embrace the...

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Sunday Snippet: Damon Zahariades (Fast Focus)

The more you have on your plate, the less you’ll be able to focus on any single item. As you work on one task, the others will nag at you and demand your attention. Moreover, if you have 10, 15, or an even greater number of tasks on your to-do list, you’ll inevitably start to feel stressed. That will further erode your concentration, making you more prone to distraction. To some extent, I suppose I’ve always had challenges with my attention span. It’s not that I get bored easily, per se; it’s more like I’m easily distracted. As Jerry...

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Friday Favorites: TV Shows I’m Watching

Maybe we should make this a monthly thing. What do you think? Last month, I highlighted a few of my favorite puzzle games of all-time, like Puzzle Bobble. This time around, we’re taking a look at the TV shows I’ve been watching lately. With one notable exception, they’re all sitcoms. Go figure. They are all available on Netflix, though the current season of at least two of the shows isn’t there yet. Hi-Score Girl I was most definitely an arcade brat growing up in the ’80s, ’90s, and into the early 2000s. And while I certainly loved me a...

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Just a Blogger

As a writer, I know as well as anyone about the power of the written word. We’ve all heard that the pen is mightier than the sword. And this is just as true when you turn that pen upon yourself. These words have meaning. They have impact. So, what happens when you — consciously or unconsciously — choose to diminish or qualify that impact? How does that affect you (and how other people perceive you)? Earlier this morning, Rebecca Bollwitt posted a Facebook status update that really struck a chord with me. Locals know her best as Miss 604;...

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On Posting About Your Kids Online for Fun and Profit

By now, you may have come across the story about the mommy blogger who refuses to stop writing about motherhood. Her original article, published in the Washington Post, basically stated that she can’t stop, because mommy blogging is her livelihood. It’s what pays the bills. But here’s the thing about posting about your kids online. Eventually, they grow up and find that stuff. And so will their peers. And future employers. A Generational Gap The story of mommy blogger Christie Tate isn’t unique. It has, however, become an increasingly prominent issue as the children of these mom and dad...

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Sonnet Sunday: Alone Together

Although surrounded by other people My challenges, my fears, my world, unknown The circumstances are just deceitful It is really just me, myself, alone; Alone together in today’s cohort Feeling isolation with such forlorn Quiet time to myself I must purport That is, that is for what I truly yearn; Vivid cacophony inside my head A great many voices, but all my own Brooding on mistakes past, failures ahead Self-indulgence, I guess, I must bemoan;       Forever Alone? That’s not just a meme       For what is true may not be how it...

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Struggling With Enough

I’d been thinking about writing this post for quite some time. In fact, I’m fairly certain I’ve kept a note somewhere in my Google Keep for over two years, jotting down some of the ideas I had. But I hesitated. And I procrastinated. I put it off, because I wasn’t really sure I wanted to write it, let alone share it with the rest of the world. But enough is enough, so here we are. Feeling in My Gut And I mean, it’s not like I haven’t touched on this subject at least a few times before. I’ve spoken...

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