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Sunday Snippet: Neil Postman (1931-2003)

Our youth must be shown that not all worthwhile things are instantly accessible and that there are levels of sensibility unknown to them. I’m not going to dive into a whole conversation about why millennials are the worst — I already shot a vlog on the subject (and they’re not actually ruining everything) — but there is something to be said today about people of all ages. Call us the YouTube generation or the Netflix generation or the Spotify generation. I Want It Now It really wasn’t all that long ago that I had to wait until 10 a.m....

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Grammar 101: Spendthrift or Spenddrift?

Some people might say that I’m cheap. I prefer to say that I’m “strategically frugal.” It’s all about value, meaning and opportunity. That’s why I typically don’t spend very much money on my wardrobe; I largely don’t need to maintain appearances at work and I’m hardly interested in making any sort of fashion statement. I think about where every dollar goes and perhaps that makes me the opposite of a spendthrift. Or is the term spenddrift? As is commonly the case with entries in the Grammar 101 series on this blog, the confusion mostly arises because this is a...

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What’s Up Wednesdays: Take a Hike

It’s official. We are approximately 8.5% of the way into 2018. Put another way, today is the last day of January, meaning we are one whole month into the year. I guess that’s a little clearer. And I guess that almost means it’s time for us to take a hike around the Internet for the first speedlink of 2018 too! Starting things off, we have Art Eddy from Life of Dad offering something for all the romantics in the audience. He has compiled a modest collection of geeky Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the extra special nerd in your...

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Vlog #61: Me Time, Designer Bags, and a Great American Hero

Time. There is never enough time. This seems to be common mantra of the 21st century as so many of us feel so stretched, so overwhelmed. If you’re anything like me, you want to do all the things, and this leaves very little space for leisure time. It takes a conscious effort — and some designer purses, apparently — to make some “me time,” because you’ll never “find” it otherwise. Aside from diving back into the world of Street Fighter V to try my hand at the new arcade mode (which really should have been in there from the...

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Sunday Snippet: Professor Kalina Christoff on Daydreaming

When you daydream, you may not be achieving your immediate goal – say reading a book or paying attention in class – but your mind may be taking that time to address more important questions in your life, such as advancing your career or personal relationships. Modern society ascribes significant value or importance on productivity. More specifically, we’ve come to glamorize the culture of the hustle. The guy who is putting in 80-hour weeks, burning that midnight oil, is to be revered for his dedication. The guy lounging under a tree, staring up at the clouds? Not so much....

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Edible Canada at the Market (Dine Out Vancouver)

A little over two years ago, we went to Edible Canada in Granville Island for the first time. Everyone couldn’t stop raving about the duck fat fries (and the duck fat poutine), so we had to check it out for ourselves. It’s a cool space with an innovative menu typical of Vancouver’s foodie culture, replete with local craft beer. For this year’s Dine Out Vancouver Festival, we decided that Edible Canada at the Market would be our first stop. We were naturally drawn to the $30 three-course menu, which is especially unique this time around. Edible Canada is doing...

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Unsolicited Advice for First-Time Parents

I’m of that age where many of my friends are parents to young children. I roll in circles filled with mommy and daddy bloggers. And of my friends who aren’t already parents, several are either happily engaged, recently married, or currently expecting. These kinds of stories dominate my Facebook feed and understandably so. And with so many first-time parents among my immediate peer group, it doesn’t take long before everyone gets bombarded with unsolicited advice. You know, like today’s post. Enjoy! One Day at a Time This is going to sound incredibly cliche, because it certainly sounded awfully cliche...

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Vlog #60: YouTube Partner Program Apocalypse?

“It’s the end of the world as we know it. It’s the end of the world as we know it. It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.” Except that I don’t. I don’t feel fine at all. YouTube decided to throw a curve ball out of left field (I’m pretty sure I have that analogy straight) and it’s got the whole online community shaking in its demonetized boots. How do you feel about the changes to the YouTube Partner Program? Do you care? And what does this have to do with a...

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Sunday Snippet: Nicholas Carr

That, it turns out, is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it frees us from the grip of necessity. We’re able to make choices about how we spend our time. On the other hand, we can, and frequently do, fall into a daily rhythm that ill suits us or runs counter to our best interests. We fill our days with activities that provide fleeting pleasures or momentary conveniences but that leave us feeling anxious or unfulfilled. When you look to the animal kingdom, most activity is centered around the objective of survival and it is dictated by environmental...

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Supporting Creators on Patreon (And Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is)

You know, I’m not really sure how I feel about the term “creator.” It almost feels like it belongs in the same kind of ego-driven camp as guru, evangelist and influencer. It’s just another one of these trendy buzzwords, right? Then again, “creator” is decidedly more inclusive than more specific terms like writer, musician, podcaster or YouTuber. As a “creator” myself (I guess I can call myself that), I fully recognize the challenges of getting paid for your craft. I’ve always said that people should pay for what they like (and causes they believe in), so that’s why I’m...

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