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Grammar 101: Vermin and Varmint

The English language can be tricky enough as it is. Things get even more confusing when you start throwing in regional differences. I’m still not up to speed on Australian slang, for example. And while I am Canadian, my professional life has me writing primarily for an American audience, so I have to be mindful with my spelling too. You can’t trust those red squiggly lines in your web browser or word processor to be correct all the time! It’s not just about differences between countries either. As you make your way across the United States, you’ll find that...

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GIVEAWAY: Bright Nights in Stanley Park 2017

I know. It feels like only yesterday that we experienced the alien invasion at the Stanley Park Ghost Train and now we’re already fully engulfed in the festive spirit for the holidays! To help you get into the holiday spirit, I’ve partnered up with the Bright Nights Christmas Train folks to give away a set of four tickets to one lucky winner! Every year, the Stanley Park Train Plaza gets fully decked out in the holiday spirit with some truly impressive Christmas displays. You can check out our experience in previous years to get a sense of what to...

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Vlog #51: Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Do you oftentimes find yourself simply going through the motions without really thinking about what you’re doing? Do you take all the great things in your life for granted, because you just assume they’re a given. With American Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) coming up this week, I thought I’d take a moment to express some gratitude and give thanks. It’s all about perspective, really, because we can easily forget just how good we have it sometimes. This is something I expressed when we observed Canadian Thanksgiving last month, but I didn’t really go through to consider the specific things...

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Sunday Snippet: Dr. Benjamin Hoffman on Car Seats

Sponsored post The manual for the car seat does explain all the recommendations, but they can be hard to understand, and many people may not read them for a variety of reasons. Parenting is hard, especially in the beginning when you clearly have no idea what you’re doing. You’re going to get all kinds of conflicting advice about everything from nursing to cosleeping and everything in between. And you’re going to be sleep deprived. Oh, so sleep deprived. But I think it’s safe to say that all parents want their children to be safe. That’s a given. Why is...

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Grammar 101: Flying at Half-Mast

As a sign of respect or as an indication of public mourning, flags are oftentimes lowered partway down their respective flagpoles. This was most recently the case following the tragedies in California and Texas, as well as during memorial observations like Remembrance Day and Veterans Day. When a flag is lowered in such a manner, it is said to be “flying at half-mast.” Part of the confusion that surrounds this term is that the word “mast” can sound a lot like the word “mass” when spoken. As a result, it is not uncommon to see someone write that a...

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Create Custom Flipbooks with FlipClips

This is a sponsored post. You know how they say you can almost relive your childhood through your kids? My daughter hasn’t quite graduated to LEGO just yet, but she will enthusiastically ask to “build a castle” with her using her more toddler-appropriate Mega Bloks. And I’ve apparently traded in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Animaniacs for Daniel Tiger and Word Party. It’s still good fun, because I get to be little again, at least by proxy. Something I think many of us dabbled in as children are flipbooks. This is when you draw a series of images that...

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Vlog #50: Dot Com Pho Awakens in 360 Degrees

Remember how I said in last week’s vlog that I only get together with my friends for lunch once a year? I lied, because here we are with back-to-back Dot Com Pho episodes. It’s like the good old days before we all grew up and started adulting. And now we get to experience life in 360 degrees with a fancy new toy too. If you watched Dot Com Pho regularly back when we used to get together every week, you’ll likely recognize several of the characters in this week’s vlog. I’ve been friends with Ed Lau and Stephen Fung...

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Sunday Snippet: While We’re Young (2014)

For the first time in my life I’ve stopped thinking of myself as a child imitating an adult. I’m the baby of the family. My brother is five years my senior and most of my cousins are older than I am too. This has surely colored the way I have come to experience and interpret the world around me. Whenever I meet anyone who vaguely resembles an adult, with a reasonably respectable job or some sort of direction in their life, I subconsciously assume they are older than I am. They must be. I’m just a kid. And all...

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Score Great Deals on Holiday Gifts (20% Off Promo Code Inside)

This is a sponsored post. It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of year again. If you’d rather not brave the “city sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style,” and you’d rather avoid all those other shoppers rushing home with their treasures, get thee to a computer! Shopping online is not only far more convenient, making it easy to ship gifts directly to friends and family who live elsewhere, but you can also tap into some incredible deals you’ll never find in store. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your nice list, a great...

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You Know You’re a Work-at-Home Dad When…

I’ve been on this self-employed journey of mine for more than a decade. As a freelancer, it’s perfectly normal to me not to worry about what clothes I’m going to put on in the morning. I fully expect not to have set office hours, just as I can’t count on receiving the same direct deposit from payroll every two weeks. That’s just the way things are. Several years ago, before I got married, before we bought our first home together, and before we became parents, I listed a few surefire signs that you work from home. But having a...

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