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What’s Up Wednesdays: Breaking Boredom

I once wrote that I never complain about boredom, because you literally have no excuse to be bored. Whether it’s productive or just for fun, there is always something to do. And it is in that spirit that I present this week’s collection of blog posts from around the web. Kicking things off, we have Sonia Simone points out the single biggest reason why so much content on the Internet is so boring. It’s because we fear judgement. We’re afraid someone won’t like it, so we don’t dare to be different. But the only way you’ll stand out is...

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Vlog #12: So You Think You Can Dad

Yay! It’s story time! While we aren’t going to be whisked away on a grand adventure in Middle Earth (sorry Tolkien fans), we are going on a quick jaunt over to the local mall. I was over there a couple weeks ago with my daughter, as I am apt to do on a not so infrequent basis, when we were approached by a young man. He asked a poignant question, I gave an insufficient answer, and then I was inspired to shoot this week’s vlog!   Did you watch the video yet? You really should before you read any...

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Sunday Snippet: Steve Prefontaine (1951-1975)

Don’t be afraid to give up the good and go for the great. As we get older, as we get more established in our careers and more comfortable in our routines, we also have this habit of lulling ourselves into a state of complacency. We get set in our ways and we become increasingly unwilling to give up what we have in exchange for the opportunity at something better. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, as they say. The grass is always greener on the other side and it is impossible to achieve the...

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This Is Blog Post #3500

Those of you who are relatively new around here might not know that I started writing things on the Internet way back back in 1999. It was just a hobby at the time, shared mostly with immediate friends. When I decided to hurl myself headlong into the business of freelance writing, I thought it was only appropriate to “relaunch” my writing in the form of a new blog. Thus, Beyond the Rhetoric was born. And here we are, some 3,500 posts later. Odds are that very few of you ever read my first blog post in this space back...

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Word of the Week: Reactance

As I make my living as a writer and editor, it is in my professional best interest to expand my vocabulary. Instead of saying someone was very sad, I might say that she was devastated. Instead of referring to the water as blue, I might talk about its azure hue. Through my journeys, I come across innumerable made up words like bigly and supposably. I thought that was also the case with reactance. And I thought wrong. My initial reaction was similar to when I discovered the word “quean”. It’s probably just a mistaken take on the word “reaction”...

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Vlog #11: BC Family Day Dim Sum

Today is Family Day in British Columbia, a statutory holiday that was put in place in 2013 to fill the massive void between New Year’s Day and Good Friday. Some stores and offices are closed, while others may have reduced hours. As a freelancer, of course, I don’t get any days off, so that’s why we “celebrated” Family Day yesterday, capturing some highlights in this week’s vlog. What a difference a week can make. As you may have seen in last week’s vlog, Vancouver got slammed with another wave of the snowpocalypse, but this was followed by a couple...

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Sunday Snippet: Alan Moore (V for Vendetta)

Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof. The older I get, the more I think about what my legacy will be. How will I be remembered? What will I have done to make the world better in some way? And that’s the thing. The meaning of life, if you want to call it that, is to transcend life. It’s to have created or supported something that is greater than yourself. On some level, I’d like to believe that my writing will be my legacy. My...

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I Envy My Wife Every Day

As much as I would like to think that I am reasonably progressive with my perspective on things and that this is a marriage between equals, it is not. Ever since I made that life-changing decision nearly two decades ago, I’ve always wondered why she would settle for a poor sap like me. I see all these positive qualities in her and I yearn for the day that I can internalize them for myself. It’s true. I envy my wife every day. Let me count the ways. She can fall asleep the moment her head hits the pillow. Over...

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Idiomatica: What Is a Nest Egg?

English is filled with all sorts of odd expressions, many of which inexplicably involve animals. You can be sick as a dog, sweating like a pig, and so hungry you could eat a horse. Given our history first as hunters and then as agriculturalists, perhaps it makes sense that our experience is colored by our relationship with the fauna of the world. So, what’s the deal with having a nest egg? Let’s start with a basic definition. A “nest egg” refers to a sum of money that has been saved up, usually set aside for a particular purpose. Mr....

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Vlog #10: Snowpocalypse and the Little Mermaid

Can you believe it? This little weekly vlogging challenge of mine has officially hit double digits. In this 10th edition, Vancouver gets slammed once again with another snowmageddon. This is definitely out of the ordinary for the area, especially considering that it is already February. Even so, we braved these crazy winter conditions for some family fun time at the mall followed by The Little Mermaid musical put on by Align Entertainment.   I’ve talked about snowmageddon in Vancouver at least a couple of times before. The city seemed much more prepared this time around with the plows and...

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