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Good Idea: The 20-20-20 Rule

We come across great ideas all the time. We can totally see how implementing these ideas can dramatically improve our lives in some sort of meaningful way. Yes, we should totally declutter and get rid of all the unnecessary things in our lives. Yes, we should absolutely eat healthier food and exercise more often. The thing is that many of these ideas remain precisely that — just ideas — until you give them structure. And the 20-20-20 rule is an excellent example. Basking in the Warm Glow of the Internet As a freelance writer, I spend a lot of...

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Protagonist Disease and Other Deceptively Obvious Observations

This problem has plagued me for as long as I can remember. And it doesn’t have anything to do with my woefully short attention span (at least not directly). I’ll recognize something — an observation, an insight, a morsel of advice — and I’ll understand and appreciate it on an intellectual level. The challenge is taking that something and actually embracing it on an emotional or psychological level, to the point where I’d actually act upon it. I can’t be alone in this. Maybe you’re feeling devastated because you just got laid off from your job. A close friend...

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Vlog #25: Courting Disaster and Grilling Meat

Everyone says that if you want to achieve your fitness goals — whether that means losing weight, improving your cardiovascular health, or whatever else — it really boils down to two main factors: diet and exercise. Intellectually, I know that. I really do. Physically and emotionally? Not so much. Watch as I attempt to balance it all out in the wash with this week’s family-friendly vlog. I’ve said before that becoming father has been the most profound change of my life. By a country mile. It’s like someone dropped a grenade in the middle of the room. I rarely...

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Sunday Snippet: Anna Kendrick

As Sondheim said, Nice is different than good. Do you need to do whatever you’re told to be a nice person? Maybe. Do you need to do whatever you’re told to be a good person? Of course not! Man, woman, personal, professional—some people have a skill for persuading you the best thing you can be is obedient. Human beings are social animals. I think that’s why we all have this underlying desire to be liked by the people around us, even if our outward actions may appear to the contrary from time to time. We’re told that we should...

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I’m Hurting So Bad Right Now

Well, not really. But sort of. I really ought to get myself some new running shoes. And I really should be stretching a lot more, both before and after. My body certainly isn’t built like it used to be and that’s not to say it was anything close to resembling the picture of good health back then either. Let’s go back a few steps and catch our breaths. You might remember something that I talked about in the vlog last month. I’m not in good shape and it’s about time I started taking better care of myself. For at...

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How Do You Reconcile Contradictory Desires?

Do you ever feel like you’re being pulled in two opposite directions? That’s me, most of the time, and it’s not like either one of the contradictory desires is intrinsically any more appealing than the other. I want both, but the realization of one necessitates the decimation of the other. I fully understand and appreciate that these are problems of privilege, existential challenges that I would not have to face if my hand were forced out of necessity or circumstance. But they’re still problems. And I’m not entirely sure how I make my peace with them. Privacy vs. Popularity...

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Vlog #24: Vancouver Science Social, Volume 2

Science isn’t just for scientists; it’s for everyone. And there just might be a heck of a lot of it going on right in your own backyard. If you were following along on social media, you might already know that I returned for the second annual Vancouver Science Social last Thursday. A group of us social media types hopped on a big red bus and went on an adult field trip filled with death chambers, exoskeletons, and stargazers. Much of last year’s field trip was spent on the main campus of my alma mater, the University of British Columbia...

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Sunday Snippet: Mila Kunis on Motherhood

It is the most life-changing experience you can have, in my opinion. Everything changed. I am proud to be a stay-at-home mom. I have no desire to be in front of the camera. I find her to be the most challenging job I’ve had. Most of us know her best from her time playing Jackie Burkhart on That ’70s Show, but Mila Kunis has gone on to do many great things both in and out of acting since then. You might also know her as the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy or from her work in such...

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Idiomatica: In This Day and Age

Many words in English can sound very similar, especially when they are very short words in the middle of a common phrase. You might hear these words spoken all the time, only to mishear them. When it comes time to write them down, the automatic spell check on your computer won’t pick it as an error, because it is technically not a spelling mistake. No squiggly red line means there’s no problem, right? Not exactly. And the phrase “in this day and age” is a perfect example of that. Every now and then, I’ll come across someone writing this...

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What Is the Best Age to Visit Disneyland with Kids?

Even before we became parents, and even before we got married for that matter, Susanne and I have been very clear about how much we value travel. It’s not about staying at the fanciest hotels or enjoying the most extravagant meals; it’s about the experience. It’s about seeing the world through a different perspective…. or rather, it’s about seeing a whole new world. For kids (and for the young at heart), there are few experiences that rival taking the time to visit Disneyland. And while I’m thinking of the park in California, the fundamental argument still holds true for...

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