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How Work-From-Home Freelancers Can Keep Costs In Check

Have you ever opened a bill and felt as though you’d been punched in the gut? That’s what happened to me after my first month of working from home. Bills that had become predictable in the previous months all the sudden skyrocketed. The reason was simple enough. Instead of using my former company’s heat and electricity, I was using my own. Was this the new normal? There was simply no way I was accepting that. My bank account was too important to me. It wasn’t that I was poor. Freelancers get a rep for scraping by, but it has...

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How To Keep Work From Home Boredom At Bay

Working from home is a perk filled treat that many aspire towards. However for all the benefits and perks of working from home, there are also a few negatives to contend with. Most of these negatives have to do with managing the work and life balance aspect of having a small business via your home. When you have an office and begin working from your home, the lines between work and play can get blurred. It’s important to find a way to keep the two separate and maintain balance. If not, you will lose sight of why you wanted...

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How My Eye Doctor Changed My Freelance Writing Career Forever

I have been a freelance writer for more than six years. Over that time, I have spent thousands upon thousands of hours in front of the computer. Some days, my eyes are glued to the screen for 15 hours or more. While there is nothing I enjoy more than writing, something happened to me late last year: my eyesight began to worsen and I was experiencing headaches and blurred vision on almost a daily basis. Fortunately, I scheduled an appointment with my eye care practitioner and soon found out that my problem could be easily corrected. However, I needed...

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Grammar 101: Decades are NOT Possessive

As a blogger, I spend a few hours everyday reading other blogs and various forms of amateur content around the web. It’s one way to stay on top of what’s hot, while also allowing me to scope out potential talent for my own site. In addition, it gives me a way to monitor grammar. After reading the 20th blog post of the day, you tend to start to notice some common mistakes being made. The one mistake we are going to hone in on in today’s Grammar 101 posting is the improper listing of decades in numerical format. Referring to the culture or the history of a particular decade is a common feature among blog content creation. Among the most popular blog subjects – homemaking, fashion, pop culture, finance – years are mentioned frequently and thus this is an incredibly important aspect of online grammar that must be addressed. Simply put, you do not include an apostrophe when referring to a specific decade. For example: “The company Instructure has been developing LMS classroom strategies since the early 2000’s.” is incorrect. In this case an apostrophe would denote possession, despite the decade not being in possession of anything within the sentence. Yet in nearly 50% of the blog postings I read where a specific decade is listed, an apostrophe has been included. To prevent yourself from making this seemingly common...

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Five Ways to Bury Boring Writing

Life as a freelance writer is pretty sweet. You get to work whenever you want, wear nothing but your underwear all day long, and watch reruns of 30 Rock on Comedy Central all day long. The only drawback to the profession is being creative on demand. Sometimes what you write can feel forced and insipid if you are mulling out words in order to meet a quota. Unlike professions such as medical coding and accounting, writing has no set statue of limitations when it comes to getting your point across. Sure, there are rules of grammar, but once you...

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How to Obtain an Education on a Dime and Without Time

Say what? You can get a degree for cheap and without having to waste 5 to 8 hours of your work day in a classroom? Yep. Today the job market is tougher than ever, and you need to have the necessary education in order to obtain the positions you want. However, attending a traditional education program isn’t within everyone’s means. For those wanting a degree by lacking the time and funds, there are a few easy options to help you out: Fill Out the FAFSA Students pass up thousands of free dollars each year by not filling out the...

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Top 3 Stag Do Party Locations

When you are planning a stag do for your friend and your traveling buddies, there are plenty of great places in the United States and Mexico to choose from. The following are 3 of the top destinations to for your stag party. The party has to be a momentous occasion and you are certain to have the time of your lives in any of these lively hotspots and send off your soon to be married buddy in grand style. (Courtesy of Flickr User: D Guisinger) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Let’s start with Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. There are all...

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Riots and Flash Mobs Are Symptoms of No Jobs

In the United Kingdom, the riots that ravished city streets last week have ceased, but the potential for such activity to surge up again is hardly a remote possibility. Across Europe tear gas stocks have risen as the continent nears a level of financial uncertainty it hasn’t seen since 2008. Governments are cracking down, which may very well only lead to escalating instances of rioters clashing with police. The more the European economy slides into disruption the more likely an equal reaction will be seen on the streets of the Eurozone. Similar activity is being exhibited in the United...

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Seven Ways to Save on College

The following is a guest post by Dona Collins. The opinions expressed are wholly her own and do not necessarily represent those of Michael Kwan or Beyond the Rhetoric. An old saying goes like this: “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” What follows is the corollary to that supposition. The cost of advanced education continues to rise making the achievement of a degree or furthering your education next to impossible for some. Not necessarily so! Beyond the normal grants and scholarships that we are all familiar with are a number of opportunities waiting to be mined. Opportunities when used in combination could save you 50% – 80% of the cost of your education. If “scientia potentia est” (knowledge is power), then you are well on your way to a wholesale degree at a fraction of the regular price. Read on and save! Night School Sure we have all heard of this option but seriously how many of you have delved into night school as an inexpensive way to get a degree? It is estimated that about 15 million students yearly ignore this option and spend a disproportionate amount to achieve basically the same results. Community Colleges offer in class courses once a week for about three hours. Those three hours usually add up to 3 semester credits because you attended class. Students can continue to work full time...

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What Freelancing Can Do To Your Productivity

In college, I was known as a champion procrastinator. My papers would finish printing as I walked out the door to class. I even managed to write a couple of papers after they were actually due and still get credit for them. But that approach to work does not fly in the freelancing world. Anything less than high-quality and on time can easily translate to my not getting payment for a project. That, in turn, can mean that my bills just won’t get paid. As a freelancer, completing projects on time is a necessity. Freelancing definitely improves your interest in getting your work done, but that’s not the only reason that freelancers read productivity advice. The reality of the situation is that the better a freelancer is at handling her work — whether that means writing faster or putting together a higher quality piece in the same amount of time — the better her hourly rate is. There are only so many hours in the day, which means that a freelancer who wants to earn more money needs to figure out how to accomplish more in that same set of twenty-four hours you had yesterday. The Problem With Productivity If you take a look at many of the top ranked books and products on productivity, you may find something surprising: few of those products are designed with freelancers in...

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