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Site Statistics and Demographics:

Google Analytics report for typical one-month period.

Beyond the Rhetoric - Google Analytics

I average between 20,000 to 25,000 unique visitors each month. Most readers and visitors to Beyond the Rhetoric have English as a primary language (88%), are interested in online entrepreneurship and other business endeavors, and are generally younger professionals.

The United States accounts for approximately 40% of visitors, followed by 25% from Canada and 5% from the United Kingdom. Other readers are from Australia, India, Philippines, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, and Singapore.

Ad Placements

I am currently offering four ad locations on this site, three of which appear on all pages. The rates quoted below are for a 30-day period and are set up with PayPal subscriptions. Please provide a link to your desired ad content and destination URL during the checkout process.

The 125×125 Block Ad ($25) appears in rotation above the fold. Three blocks are randomly displayed at any time with a maximum of six blocks in rotation (two per slot). Animation (GIF) is allowed, but no Flash.

The 160×600 Skyscraper Ad ($50) appears in the right sidebar. One ad placement with no rotation. Your ad will appear on all pages at all times (for 30 days). Animation (GIF) is allowed, but no Flash.

Sidebar Text Link Ads ($15) are available (above the fold), to be placed under the “Check This Out” heading. Custom anchor text

The 468×60 Banner Ad ($10) appears within all individual blog posts. One banner appears at random from a maximum total rotation of five banners. Your ad will be available on all blog posts for a 30-day period. Animated GIF images are acceptable, but no Flash.

More Information

For specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.