The Healthy Family Expo celebrated its sixth year yesterday, back under the sails at the Vancouver Convention Centre. We’ve personally attended five of them, only missing out on that first year. It’s incredible to look back at when we first attended back in 2015, both in terms of how much we have changed and in terms of how much the show has grown. This week’s vlog captures a smidgen of that incredibly happy energy.

While I didn’t put out a vlog from last year’s event, I did put one together for the 2017 show. If anything, having attended the Healthy Family Expo for five consecutive years, I’ve really gained an appreciation not only for how well the event is run as a whole, but how well they’ve managed to organize it such that kids of all ages (and their parents) all have something to do.

There’s a quiet area stocked with diapers and such for when you’ve still got the extra little ones. There are fun toddler-appropriate activities, like the new sandbox provided by 6Pack Indoor Beach. And as the kids get older, they can partake in the Climb Base5 climbing wall and Springfree trampolines.

Oh, and I ate a cricket this year. So, that’s something. And Addie got to dance with “real” dinosaur too. I am both humbled and incredibly proud to be a Healthy Family Expo ambassador again this year, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

Yes, they’ve already got a date and an event page on Facebook for Healthy Family Expo 2020. Mark your calendars!

(Disclosure: I was compensated as a Healthy Family Expo ambassador, but was not at all obligated to produce the vlog or this accompanying blog post. It really is an event I truly love and am proud to support.)