Have you watched the new Frozen 2 trailer? (Here’s the YouTube link, in case you missed it.) There’s a theory going around that, based on what we see in the trailer, we could be looking at a four-part series. Notice all that heavy autumn imagery? It’s possible that each movie will be associated with one of the four seasons, which in turn can also link back to one of the four major elements…

And each of these can be embodied by a “hero” type character with superpowers.

Four Elements, Four Seasons, Four Princesses

It’s obvious enough that Elsa represents winter, which we saw in the first Frozen movie. She has power over the element of water, since she can freeze it into ice. But what about the other three elements and the other three seasons? While new characters are certainly a possibility, what if we were to fill out this super squad roster with existing Disney princesses?

I should note that I’m using the term “Disney princess” a little loosely here. She is Queen Elsa, after all, and not “Princess” Elsa. Let’s not get too caught up in semantics. Maybe she’s the leader of the bunch, in a Cyclops or Iron Man kind of way.

Based on my highly unscientific analysis of these hypothetical circumstances, here are my proposals.

Snow White
Spring (Earth): Snow White

Seven dwarfs notwithstanding, I’ve come to associate the character of Snow White with springtime. She’s surrounded by flowers and she apparently has the ability to talk to woodland creatures. Especially of the young and cutesy kind, leading us to think they’re this year’s babies… in the spring. Snow White is one with the Earth, so to speak.

For many of the same reasons and related associations, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) might also be a viable candidate for the Spring Disney Princess with superpowers.

Summer (Fire): Moana

I know. It was Maui who asked, “When the nights got cold, who stole you fire from down below? You’re lookin’ at him, yo!” Even so, it’s fair to associate that song with Moana of Motonui. She was also the one who had to battle it out through fire with angry lava demon Te Ka (who — spoiler alert — turned out to be goddess of life Te Fiti).

Then again, for the summer Disney Princess, we could totally turn to Merida (Brave) with her fire-red hair? She could shoot flame-tipped arrows even.

Autumn (Air): Pocahontas

Of my three choices, Pocahontas is the one that I feel the strongest about. And she’s also the one who is least likely to turn out correct. The obvious association here is with the song “Colors of the Wind.” I mean, it’s got “wind” right there in the title, for starters, but the “colors” easily refer to the colors of autumn leaves too.

Autumn character in Frozen 2

And I’d totally believe that Pocahontas will be the last airbender (so to speak), except the Frozen 2 trailer already depicts a new character who, if the theory holds up, could have air/wind powers that go along with the fall theme. Based on some Internet rumblings, she could be Elsa’s girlfriend too, and a possible villain or threat to Arendelle.

Frozen 2 and the Disney Cinematic Universe?

Disney is certainly no stranger to interweaving multiple films into the same fictional world. I need not remind you that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) consists of 22 feature films (when you include this year’s Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame). With more to come. Would a Disney Cinematic Universe be all that far-fetched? The Disney+ streaming service right around the corner too.

Besides, we’ve already seen a bunch of the Disney Princesses together in last year’s Ralph Breaks the Internet (a.k.a. “Wreck-It-Ralph 2“). What if they did something a little more official with a storyline that ties them all together?

In any case, what do you think of my choices? This is all just in good fun, of course. If you were to accept this Frozen 2 four season/element theory at face value, which Disney princess would you assign to each season and element?