Remember a few months ago when I said that I wanted to start taking weekends off? That might sound absurd to those of you who work a more conventional Monday-to-Friday type schedule. But when you work from home like I do, the “freedom” can be debilitating. And so, this past weekend, I tried to take it easy… and then I couldn’t help but put together a quick weekend recap vlog. The struggle is real.

As you may or may not know, Lunar New Year (because it’s more than “just” Chinese New Year) is tomorrow. Many people I know already had a family dinner over the weekend. We’re having a meal with immediate family today, with extended family tomorrow, and then another with the other side of the family this coming weekend. It’s a lot of food.

If you’re curious about some traditions outside of Chinese culture, check out the vlog I shot with the Korean celebration at Lougheed Town Centre. It’s got drums and martial arts and such.

And if you’re craving more from the Wellness Show, I’ll keep the Insta stories highlights on my Instagram for the next couple of weeks or so. There are also the videos from the last couple years too, in case you missed them the first time around.

What were you up to this past weekend? Did you catch the Super Bowl (which turned out to be not all that super after all)?